Fastest Land Animals on Earth

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5 of the most expensive weddings in history

Weddings are often a pretty expensive occasion in one's life. Recent surveys suggest that the average UK wedding will cost in excess of £16,164, which by Read More

1d facts

One Direction Facts

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Win Big, Lose Bigger. Gambling Fun

We all have a general idea in mind of what gambling is for us, for most it’s just a way to lose money quickly, but for so many others it’s a way of life, with professional poker player; some of whom have won mass amounts of money, and sometimes it

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Sprinkling Sugar on a Wound Will Help it Heal Faster!

When you cut yourself the last place you’d think of running to would be the sugar bowl. Most would consult the first aid kit to stem the tide of bleeding, but according to a study from a senior nurse, who grew up in Zimbabwe, sugar can greatly help in the


The Honourable and Complex Life of a Samurai

Samurai warriors often described themselves as followers of “The Way of the Warrior” or Bushido way of living. Seen from the earliest times, the Samurai felt that the path of the warrior was one of honour; emphasizing duty to their master, and loyalty, which only relinquished with death. Not only

Left Is Right And Right Is Left – The Human Brain Crossover

In the human brain, the left side actually controls the movement of the right side of the body, and the right side of the brain controls the movements of the left side of the body. Although in many ways both sides of the human brain are equal in the way

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Heroin was Actually a Brand Name!

When you buy a drink from your local shop you are overwhelmed with choice and brands. You can buy a can of 7UP, a bottle of Fanta or choose to drink Dr. Pepper, these are all recognisable names used to sell a product. However it may surprise you to find