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5 of the most expensive weddings in history

Weddings are often a pretty expensive occasion in one's life. Recent surveys suggest that the average UK wedding will cost in excess of £16,164, which by most people's standards is a lot of money, but rightly so on one of

1d facts

One Direction Facts

Some interesting One Direction facts that not everybody knows. How many of these 1D facts were you aware of?

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Harry Styles of One Direction once splashed out £3,000 on pizza, before driving around giving it all to the homeless people in LA

What would you spend £3000 on? Would you put the money towards a new car? Or maybe spend it all on Pizza for LA’s homeless?...

One Direction

One Direction are the first British band to debut at No. 1 in the U.S

We all know just how coveted ‘cracking America’ is and just how many bands and artists regularly topping the UK charts have tried and failed to do the same in the states. One Direction, the favourite British (ok, British-Irish) boy


Liam Payne of One Direction has a phobia of spoons, known as Koutaliaphobia

We can all safely say that there are some quite bizarre phobias out there in the big wide world. One of them being Koutaliaphobia Koutaliaphobia is defined as the extreme and often irrational fear of spoons. It is definitely one