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Smelling Certain Foods Can Help You Lose Weight

You’re probably thinking that you’ve heard it all before. The calorie counting, the no carb diet; all of the latest health tips and ideas from so called experts. But have you heard of simply smelling something that will aid you in your weight loss effort? This isn’t just an idea; it’s coming to life.

Doctor Alan Hirsch has a new hypothesis that talks about sprinkling crystals on your favourite (and healthy) foods that will smell like certain foods which intern will trick your mind into thinking you’ve eaten more than you actually have. “By smelling the smells, their brain perceives: ‘I’ve smelled it, therefore I’ve eaten it, therefore I better stop eating it. I’ve overeaten,'” Said Hirsch. According to him, taste is mainly perceived in the nose, specifically the olfactory nerve, which he states is directly linked to the part of the brain that controls hunger and tells us when we are full.

These crystals are not on the market, but there is an alternative. Hirsch’s suggestion is that adding spices or very aromatic foods to your meal, such as highly scented fruits, can have the same effect as his crystals. This idea is probably why patrons have seen a similar tip on the back of their Snapple caps.

Hirsch is still in the research aspect of his idea with the scented crystals. According to ABC, there are 12 different crystals/powders that are divided into two groups: sweet crystals and salty crystals. By putting the sweeter of the powders on neutral foods and salty ones on basically everything else, after about six months, Hirsch says, the 108 overweight patient lost an average of 34 pounds.

Hirsch says that the key to the experiment is to continue using the product long term. However, the key word is “experiment”. He has made another hypothesis that it possibly had nothing to do with the crystals. “Maybe the sprinkling reminded them not to eat. Maybe instead of making the food taste better, it made the food all taste the same, so they lost interest in the food.” Said Hirsch.

Some scientists will strongly disagree with the ideas made by Hirsch, but the experiment with actual weight loss looks the other way. People seem willing to try almost anything to lose weight it seems these days. Would you use crystals/powders, or try your own spices at home?


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