Potent spanking tips for beginners

Spanking is perhaps the commonest kink out there and just about anyone can do it. It is fun, free, and easy to get the hang of, triggers a natural high, and can either bring along or enhance an orgasm. Are you new to spanking? Well, there are quite a few things you need to know and keep in mind. Here they are….

Communication is paramount

Effectively communicating with your partner before you start spanking is of paramount importance. You both should talk about your expectations and agree on what the safe word will be. The safe word can be verbal or non-verbal as needs and wants to dictate. See, some like to cause pain, but others do not like to receive pain. If you are the spanker and like to beat a booty like you are kneading flour, but your partner prefers light touches, a discussion on this is necessary. If you both can’t agree on the nature, method and duration of the spanking, then leave off. More, if you are not all that good with communication, you can opt to introduce the idea of spanking to your partner in a creative way. Perhaps you both could watch a BDSM movie. Afterwards, a discussion of what you both witnessed and the desirability of introducing it to your bedroom affairs can take place.

Spanking should be correctly done

Well, it turns out that there’s a right and wrong way to spank. If you are a beginner, spank lightly and slowly. Only increase the frequency and intensity of your strikes if your partner is OK with it. Important is the foreplay before spanking, as this lets both participants loosen up. More, when spanking, be sure to keep all your fingers together, as spreading them will widen the hitting surface. This can cause pain. Be sure not to hit any bones or the sides of the body, vary the area that you are spanking and massage the booty before and after a hit. Since you are a spanking newbie, you should kick things off with hand spanking. Later on, when you are slightly more experienced, you can incorporate other equipment like whips, and belts.

Make it a fun activity

Spanking should be sweet, fab, something worth looking forwards to and fun! Unless of course you were a schoolmaster in another life and want to replicate the experience with a sub who has an extreme fetish for pain. In that case, you are free to make your spanking hell on earth if you so wish!

Be alert for potential health risks

Spanking is one of the safest kinks out there, but it still carries some risk. If you or your partner have health issues like high blood pressure, or chronic pain or have previously suffered strokes or seizures, then you should let each other know of this. That way, if anything unforeseen happens everyone will be fully prepared.

Don’t be too adventurous

You are a spanking newbie, right? So take things easy then. Don’t go to the sex shop nearby and buy out their stock of whips and canes. Also, don’t try out the more advanced spanking positions just yet, at least till you have had your fill of and have mastered the basic ones. One of the basic spanking positions that deliver just about everything you might ask for is over the knee spank. It feels just right and the fact that you have a nude and curvy booty a feet or so from your face can make you harder than concrete down there! Spank away, but keep to the basics and don’t let your erection tear your shorts!

Pay attention to body language

So, your partner is nude or half nude and waiting for you to make her booty bounce. It is rather easy to get carried away in such cases, but please don’t be. You will need to focus a little and pay attention to your partner’s body language when she’s being spanked. Is she wincing, wailing, screaming, struggling? Well, that could be a good indication that she’s not enjoying herself as she should be. Stop what you are doing and inquire if she’s putting on an act or not into what’s going down. If she’s just play-acting, then carry on. If on the other hand, she’s crying for real, just stop. And comfort her. You might not know it, but she might be having flashbacks of being abusively spanked.

Don’t forget the aftercare

The aftercare is almost as important as the spanking itself and don’t you be forgetting that! Aftercare differs from couple to couple and from individual to individual and can involve cuddling and smooching, or cooking your partner some breakfast. It is all about taking care of each other and finding out if everyone is on the same page. Your ass sure is gonna be burnt toast if you forget the aftercare!

And that’s all on spanking today you happy wankers! For more interesting articles, facts and more visit our Sex portal.

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