10 Interesting Facts About a Meat Grinder – Why You Should Get One

If you’re into meat products, then you most definitely have a meat grinder in your kitchen. However, most people that do own a meat grinder may be surprised about the various uses of this kitchen tool. Despite its name, it can handle much more than meat products and, with a few adaptations and accessories, it can transform into a true all-in-one. If this sounds far-fetched, we invite you to read the ten interesting facts about meat grinders that we put together in the article below.

It Was Invented in the 19th Century

The person owning the patent for the first meat grinder is Karl Drais, a German revolutionist turned inventor. Born in 1785, Drais invented the meat grinder that many of us still use today. The design was so good that little or no improvements were made to future models, some still working today thanks to the sturdy materials and efficient design. Karl Drais has other interesting inventions to its name, such as the 25-key typewriter or the pedal-powered quadricycle.

You Can Use it to Make Sausages

Another interesting fact about a meat grinder is that you can use this device to make delicious sausages. For that, you need to remove the sieve in front of the grinder. Then install an accessory that looks like a funnel. The meat gets ground and then passed through this accessory to fill the intestine and create delicious home-made sausages that you can store all year long.

You Can Grind Bones with It

Besides grinding meat and making sausages, the meat grinder can also be used to grind bones. Wondering what use can this action possibly have? Well, if you have pets at home, you probably figured this one out. You can grind cow, pork, sheep, chicken, or duck bones and mix them with meat so that your dog will have an easier time chewing the bones and digest. Of course, this applies mostly to people that aren’t keen on feeding the pet food sold by the big companies that you can find in supermarkets.

It Can Grind Cookie Dough

Admittedly, you won’t grind the cookie dough as it’s already soft, to begin with. However, just like with making the sausages, you can use an accessory to create the perfectly-shaped biscuits and home-made cookies. No matter if you’re not a big fan of the sweets available in shops or you just want to surprise your loved ones with something special that you cooked, grinding cookie dough into various shapes with a meat grinder can be the answer for you.

Grinding Vegetables

It’s this point where all the meat lovers probably had enough. Grinding vegetables in a meat grinder? Why would you betray this handy contraption to this level? Well, because it’s such an excellent method to grind stuff that it can work on vegetables too. No matter if you’re creating a vegetable mix for or your prepare your relishes and pickles, using a meat grinder will help you get the job done faster and with more precision.

Most People Prefer the Manual Versions

Of course, modern versions of the meat grinder are available, and many of them include a motor for automatic operation. Moreover, while a motor-powered meat grinder makes a lot of sense for industrial use, most people still prefer the manual version. The reasons vary from being smaller and needing less space to the fact the electrical one needs a lot more maintenance than and is harder to clean.

Can Be Easily Adjusted to Fit Any Table

Thanks to a smart yet rudimentary system, meat grinders can be adjusted to fit any table. So, no matter if your kitchen is modern or classical, you have many ways of fixing this device and grind all the meat you need for the delicacies you’re going to prepare for your loved ones.

You Get More Calories Out of the Meat

Using a meat grinder as opposed to buying meat that has already been ground has one more huge advantage. Among the meat grinder benefits, you need to add the fact your meat is going to have a lot more calories and fewer contaminants if you grind it manually at home. The industrial ones are used for multiple types of meat and other products as well, so chances of contamination are higher.

The Meat is Fresher When Ground Manually

Following the same principle as above, when using a manual meat grinder, you get fresher meat. Instead of getting ground meat from the supermarket that is sitting on display since the morning [ best case scenario], you get to grind it and then immediately cook it to enjoy a better flavor.

You’re Also Working Out

Alright, maybe this will not replace the gym anytime soon. However, while you’re grinding meat with a manual meat grinder, you will also have a workout. Even though some people won’t see this is a plus, it’s a perfect thing considering we’re now used with machines doing a lot of tasks for us.

There you have it. Ten fascinating facts about meat grinders and the way they change the wat we enjoy meat and even the way we look. You don’t have to be a traditionalist to enjoy the old-fashioned methods as long as they prove to be efficient. With a design that hasn’t changed much since the 19th Century, the classic meat grinders are an excellent confirmation.

Do you own a meat grinder? Is it manual or electric? Why did you choose either one? We’ll love to hear your thoughts in the comment section as you will also help our other readers decide.