3 Simple Ways to Save Money

Occasionally, we hit a rough patch financially. When this happens, it’s important to reevaluate our spending habits and find new ways to save money. This is as easy as not dining out as often, skipping the nail salon, and not falling victim to retail therapy!

Before you will embark on your money-saving journey, it’s important to know exactly how much money you earn every month and how much money you spend. As soon as you have these details from a monthly budgeting worksheet, you can downsize your spending habits and look for ways to increase your earnings as well.

Here are three ways to save money that we often overlook:

1. Protect Your Assets 

You should always take care of your assets as it will save you money in the long run. If something were to happen to our phone, vehicle, or home, we are looking at costly repairs.

Here are some tips to keep in mind and try out:

Cell Phones

Save money protecting your phone with a screen protector and case. This is less expensive than repairing a phone after it’s damaged. Android and iPhone devices aren’t cheap. They are an investment that you’ll have for several years. You utilize your phone every day, whether you’re browsing the web, talking to an old friend, or replying to a work email.

We rely on our cell phones for so much! The last thing we need is accidentally dropping them and cracking our screen. For these unwelcomed situations, use a screen protector and case. There are even iPhone charging cases that keep our devices at full charge, offer protection, and are affordable!


The same thing goes for your vehicle. If you’re running low on money, consider using public transport. This will save you quite a bit on gas, wear and tear on tires, and oil changes since you won’t need them as frequently! If you’re feeling up to it, ride your bike to work. Not only is it great for the economy and will save you money, but it’s good for your health too!

Also, consider carpooling. If you have a co-worker that lives nearby, catch a ride with them! Or have your spouse drop you off on their way to work. Make this temporary change, and you’ll see how your financial situation recuperates in no time.

2. Call Your Cell Phone & Insurance Provider 

While taking care of our assets will only prevent us from acquiring additional expenses, there are some things you can do to save more significant chunks of money.

Consider calling your insurance provider to learn how you can save money on your insurance. If you’re not driving your car, then it’s unlikely you need your current policy. Reach out to your provider to learn about available discounts or financial assistance they may be offering. Explain that you’re driving it less and need a temporary alternative.

The same goes for your cell phone. You may find that you don’t need that big data plan you’ve had for years. Look into cheaper plans offered by your provider and compare these deals to other providers. If you’re an iPhone user, remember that with WIFI, alone you can check emails, make phone calls, and send texts.

3. Keep Grocery Shopping Simple 

Food is a significant monthly expense, especially if you have a family to support. A great way to save money is to skip takeout food and purchase the essentials at your local grocery store.

Consider what you’re cooking for the week and make a list of necessary ingredients that you don’t already have in your home. This requires a bit more planning but will save you money as long as you stick with your grocery list.

Make sure you stick with simple recipes because complicated meals mean different spices and sauces, and this can get pricy very fast!

Bonus Tip: Save more by applying for a credit card, a credit card when utilised correctly can help you save money in the form of rewards, discounts, and price protection benefits. Platforms like Zolve offer up to 10% cashback on purchases while also providing other services like a credit card for students. However, do make sure to make timely payments or you might hurt your credit score.


Budgeting the money you have is essential during difficult times. Start with these three tips, and you’ll notice a large difference in your financial situation.

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