4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Juicer

The juicer is without a doubt a practical device that allows us to enjoy freshly squeezed natural juices. However, in most cases, this pleasure can be very expensive. And yet, if you have firmly decided that you need it, then pay attention to the selection tips that we have listed in this article.

Previously, there were a large number of low-quality Juicers on the world market that could not fully cope with the provision of the high-quality types of juice. Drinking natural vegetables or fruit juice is considered a healthy habit, although most nutrition experts caution against abuse due to the body receiving excessive amounts of sugar calories. Nevertheless, today the development of technology is happening at such a fast pace that it allows us to enjoy a pleasant freshly squeezed juice in a matter of moments. Naturally, the market for juicers is full of various types and models, but in most cases, only the highest quality devices (often from the most popular brands) can provide us with healthy and tasty juice. Well and naturally if you are thinking about the need to purchase such a device, but are not too familiar with it as such, you should pay attention to several basic parameters that should be considered when choosing a juicer. And you, as always, can be found below in this article.

What are you going to drink?

Of course, the answer to this question will immediately be “juice” for many. Yes, this is true, but not all people can have the same preferences, especially when it comes to juice. The result of this is precisely a wide variety of models in the modern market, which may well have various functional features that are better suited for a particular process. While some models will be effective in grinding and extracting juice from hard fruits and vegetables, others may extract juice from softer foods such as bananas. In addition, some of the more expensive juicers are also equipped with additional discs that help extract juice from soft fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can find other best celery juicers with a wider strainer, which allows them to produce excellent juices with pulp.

Ultimately, in order to use the juicer as efficiently as possible, you need to understand what it will work with and what juices you will make with it. But how do you know which particular juicer can fulfill all your requirements? Screw juicers that can handle solid products usually have heavy moving components, components, and powerful motors. In addition, filters and blades are also important components that you should consider when choosing a juicer. Otherwise, if you want to extract juice from soft fruits, such as oranges, it is advisable to purchase a light auger juicer or a model of the citrus type in general, which are very simple, both in terms of design and use.

Size and capacity

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the juicer. Although most users have enough standard models that can produce a small amount of juice at a time, others prefer to use the juicer continuously to get more. Consequently, some users will be pleased with the relatively small size juicer, while others would like to find a larger one for themselves. Also, when choosing a juicer, do not forget or bypass such parameters as the size of the feed tube or chute. All these and other parameters may differ depending on the model, so it will not be superfluous to make a small comparison if you cannot decide on a favorite.

Ease of use

It is inexpedient to choose the juicer, which in the end turns out to be too complicated to master or manage, and in the end you will not be able to get the best results, as you may simply not want to spend your time figuring out how to use it. In most cases, various juicers today have many different functions that in fact may not be useful to you at all, or simply put, they will be useless in the long run, and so buying such models will be a complete waste of money. In addition, this can also affect the quality of the juice produced. A device can be complex and multifunctional, but that does not necessarily mean that it shows excellent performance results. If you are going to buy a model with a lot of functionality, but you don’t know how to manage them, you will definitely not benefit from this. Therefore, in search of the most suitable juicer, you should not forget about it.


In most cases, the performance of the juicer will play an important role in determining the difference between a good and a bad device. As a result, you need to check the effectiveness of the device so that your money is not wasted. Now the only question is how you want the juice to turn out. After all, if some people prefer pulp in the juice, others can be absolutely categorical in drinking this. A matter of taste, so to speak. Nevertheless, you should take this into account when choosing, because it will help you choose a juicer without problems if you know in advance what you want. In some cases, certain juicer models may not give you the desired result, as they will have to perform tasks that exceed their output powers. For example, you can find specific devices in the market, whose blades are designed to extract juice from soft foods. However, this can be a real nightmare if you think these juicers will work equally well for hard fruits. This can lead to overheating at best, and you will get low-quality juice.


There are many different things that you should take into account when choosing a suitable juicer (especially an auger), and noise is certainly one of them. In fact, noise can create many problems for a large number of users, and therefore it is extremely important to understand how to choose the model that will not make a lot of noise. It should also be understood that the bulk of the noise produced is caused by the operation of the blades, as well as by the contents of the juicer. As a result, high-speed juicers, although they seem like a great choice in terms of productivity and time saving, do not forget that such a model will produce much more noise. Nevertheless, many users still prefer to buy high-speed juicers. However, in this case, you decide.