5 Cool Facts About the EuroMillions Lottery you Need to Know

The EuroMillions lottery is among the most popular world lottos that pay out life-changing jackpots. Drawn every Tuesday and Friday night at 20:45 CET in Paris, this lotto attracts players from all over the world.

If you fancy playing EuroMillions, you must check out these 5 cool facts about the lottery right away!

1.  The Lottery Has Been Running Since 2004

The first-ever EuroMillions draw happened in 2004 in the UK, Spain, and France. Subsequently, it went places and gained popularity in other European countries.

Today, EuroMillions is played in 9 countries – the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Switzerland (Los and Romande).

The popularity is so contagious that the lottery has started attracting players from other countries as well, including India.

According to Indian lottery site reviewer OnlineLottoBaba, tickets to EuroMillions can now be bought online via lotto agents who make the purchase on your behalf and send you a scanned copy of the ticket.

Even better are lottery betting sites that allow players from these countries to bet on the outcome without really participating in the official draw and still standing a chance to win the same prizes.

2.  You can Claim your Prize Anonymously

If you’ve won a prize in the EuroMillions lottery and wish to stay low-key, there’s every provision for it.

The organizers allow you to claim your prize anonymously so you don’t end up making headlines (and a few jealous enemies). Play in privacy. Win in privacy. How cool is that?

3.  The First-Ever EuroMillions Jackpot Winner was a Retired Postal Worker

57-year old Marion Richardson, a desolate and hard-up ex-postal worker was forced into retirement due to bad health, mental exhaustion, stress from a troubled childhood, and a rocky marriage.

Before hitting the EuroMillions jackpot she existed on s64 a week! But lady luck smiled on her on April 8, 2004, when she won a jaw-dropping £16.7 million from an s3 ticket.

According to her daughter, the winning numbers matched her children’s birthdays – 1, 4, 10, 19, and 23, and random lucky star numbers 2 and 8. God always has a plan, doesn’t He?

4.  In 2012, EuroMillions Created 97 Millionaires in the UK Overnight

The EuroMillions lottery made history on a Friday on July 27, 2012, when it turned 97 players in the United Kingdom into millionaires in a single night. In fact, the number of winners was 100 with each winning £1 million. However, only 97 of them came forward to claim their prize.

5.  You Can Increase Your Chances of Winning By Choosing Frequently Drawn Numbers

To play EuroMillions, you need to pick 5 Main Numbers from 1 to 50, and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 12. If you’ve been keeping track of historical wins, you would know some numbers appear more frequently in the winning combinations than others.

For instance, most lotto experts believe 50, 44, 4, 19, and 37 to be recurring in the Main Numbers that appear during the draw. Additionally, the numbers 2 and 8 are believed to be most frequently drawn as Lucky Stars.

So, if you choose these numbers, you might end up increasing your chances of winning. Of course, this is not a fool-proof way to win the lottery, in which luck is the absolute determiner.

Do you know about more such EuroMillions fun facts? Don’t forget to share with us!

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