5 Interesting Facts About Web Development

Websites are an essential marketing tool for businesses to connect with their clients and new visitors. A web presence enables a business to extend its reach further and connect with potential customers.

If you a business that’s new to hosting your own website, or you’re in the middle of a web makeover, it will benefit you to learn more about web development and how to engage with customers digitally. Here are five interesting facts to consider before going ahead with your web launch.

1. SEO isn’t a trend; it’s a strategy

Some business owners think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is too fancy or trendy for their own good. However, SEO techniques are your best friend; optimization is what leads your business to high rankings on search engines like Bing and Google. You’ll experience increased visibility and boosted traffic flow.

Using SEO software for home services and similar businesses would even improve the chances of gaining more attraction as strategies would be implemented in real-time and more quickly than a team of human SEO experts.

You might be new in the world of SEO, and that’s ok: there are a lot of rules that dictate what makes good SEO. Icreon consulting can teach your the ropes.

2. Each device will format your site differently

It’s good to know that each device will exhibit a website’s layout differently. Visit Facebook from your mobile device and then from your laptop using Google Chrome. There’s a big difference: mobile compatibility.

This is good to bear in mind when building your website. You can predict that users will access the website using different browsers, and expect most to visit your site via mobile.

Surfing the internet on-the-go is now more common that using the desktop environment. It is much more convenient and simpler to browse online using your mobile device, so long as your website has been optimized. Users just have to access the site on their device and away they go. As a result, approximately 52.2% of internet surfers visited websites via mobile devices in 2018.

3. Exceptional website content makes a difference

Websites need to contain exceptional and compelling content that is easy-to-read. Visitors usually tend to engage with websites that contain concise, straightforward language rather than bucket loads of fancy words.

Trawling through heavy content, unless it’s for research or educational purposes, can be off-putting. Therefore, sticking to essential information, keywords, short sub-heading and bulleted lists can help your visitor stay on your site to learn more.

4. Readers form their opinion in under a second!

Did you know that when readers come to a website they instinctively form an opinion in just under a second (0.5 seconds to be exact)? First impressions count, so having a powerful landing page on your website is essential. If it doesn’t, your visitors may be drawn to a leading competitor’s site instead.

Creating a website with great content consisting of strong images, features and themes is an excellent way of keeping visitors engaged.

5. Websites have a short life span

Websites need to continually keep up with the current trends in technology. Therefore, upgrade about every three years to provide a consistent and reliable user experience. If you don’t, you run the risk of your site not loading properly. You’ll turn off impatient customers that refuse to stand by idly while your web pages load slowly.

Bottom Line

When taking a technological leap into the web development world, considering the five facts above is a good starting point for businesses. Apply these facts when building and managing your website; it’s important so that you can get your site connected to the world and stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are unsure about how to get started, consulting with Icreon is a good idea; they use the latest in web technologies to build robust and powerful websites, and they will be able to help you transform your web presence into a powerful tool.

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