8 Lifestyle Tips to Manage High Blood Pressure

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure impacts every aspect of your life. You need to note the triggers which spike your blood pressure and try to avoid those triggers. You can successfully control and maintain your blood pressure with changes in your lifestyle.

blood pressure conceptual meter indicate sky high, isolated on white background

Here are some lifestyle changes you can make to lower your blood pressure and maintain it.

1. Lose excess weight

Excessive fats on the body contribute to an increase in blood pressure. Being obese or overweight not only impacts your blood pressure but also causes many health problems such as difficulty in breathing, mobility, irregular sleep etc. By losing one kilogram of weight, you can reduce your blood pressure by about 1 millimetre of mercury on the scale.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise impacts the blood flow in your body. A good exercise session will lower your blood pressure by 5-8 mm Hg on the scale. Engage in physical activities that pump up your blood like strength training, walking, jogging etc. Biofeedback therapy is a recommended option for blood pressure patients. Cardio exercises are a good way to control blood pressure. However, it’s important to maintain your exercise routine as when you stop exercising, the blood pressure may rise again.

3. Eat a well-balanced diet

Eating a diet with proper portions of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products rich in antioxidants helps a lot in controlling your blood pressure. Try to skip on saturated fats and cholesterol if you want to lower your blood pressure. Keep a food diary and take note of what you can eat.

4.Avoid salt

Sodium impacts your bloodstream as well as heart health. Avoid salt as much as you can. Look for substitute salt such as Pink Himalayan Salt. Read food labels and check the sodium ratio in the food you intake. Try to eat home-cooked meals and avoid processed food or eating out.

5. Take Medical Help

High blood pressure is not something to take on a lighter note. Consult your doctor for medicines to control blood pressure. Pharmacies such as https://www.90daymeds.com/ allow you to buy your prescription online and get it delivered at your doorstep. Take regular checks of your medicines and try not skipping the dosage as it may hinder your blood pressure.

6. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol disrupts the digestive system and heart health of a person. Try to avoid or limit alcohol consumption as it may contribute to high blood pressure.

7. Reduce stress

Chronic stress contributes to high blood pressure. Take note of factors that trigger stress and try to avoid such factors. You can also consult a therapist for managing stress. Try to participate in activities that relieve stress such as painting, reading a book, breathing exercises etc.

8. Monitor your blood pressure regularly

Monitoring your blood pressure helps a lot in taking care of it. Invest in a home device that monitors and records blood pressure. Keep regular checks on your blood pressure and contact your doctor immediately in case you notice a sudden spike.