A Small Guide on How to Start a Coffee Shop Successfully

Owning a coffee shop business is one of the most competitive businesses in the UK. Large and popular brands are and have been investing heavily in the coffee shop industry, which is set to take off following the exit from covid. However, independent coffee shops remain popular as customer service may be perceived as more personal and special. The article provides steps on how to start a coffee shop and discusses the importance of small business insurance in case of public, employee accidents or machine damages.

How coffee shops have become attractive businesses over the last years in the UK?

Research has shown that over a fifth of UK coffee drinkers has more than four cups a day – that is a lot of opportunities to get selling coffee! With an interesting variety of drinks and increasing customer trends within the coffee industry, now is the perfect time to start your dream business. Don’t limit yourself to just coffee, consider investing in some sweet treats to serve as well as hot drinks – who doesn’t love a fresh croissant in the morning?

What makes the United Kingdom an interesting market for coffee?

The UK ranks among the largest consuming coffee drinking countries in the world, so there is no better place to set up your independent shop. Although home consumption is high, there is a growing trend towards speciality and high-quality coffees, which is a niche you could aim to fill.

Here are the following steps to set up your coffee shop business

Start by finding your niche – whether this is speciality flavours or premium coffee. Why would customers want to drink at your shop? Try to answer this question early, as it is important to establish this before making any more steps. Your entire business will surround this concept, so make sure to get this right.

Find a location and suppliers – Make sure to consider footfall, competitors, and accessibility for customers and suppliers. Building a solid supply chain should remain a key priority.

Build the right team – Building the right team is essential to the success of your business, you can’t run it all on your own. It is important to stay on the right side of the law in the process.

Get the legal side coveredTake out small business insurance, and make sure that you have registered as a business with HMRC. Failing to do this could be very costly and is against the law.

Market your shop – Whether this is by social media, word of mouth, or through events, ensure there is a significant business to be sustainable. We recommend a combination of all different methods and carefully consider the different ways you can encourage repeat business.

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