Anuptaphobia: The fear of being single forever

It seems nowadays that anything can turn into phobia. You probably don’t even know how many of them you have, because many of them can seem like normal human emotions or reactions. After all, how many of us are NOT afraid of spiders?

If you call it a phobia it means it can be treated – unlike being a human. Maybe acknowledging that an unsuccessful love life might be a cause of a phobia, will help you see it as something fixable and encourage you change things for the better.

We’d say Anuptaphobia is ironic – it makes you anxious of being single, yet in other cases it gives you the anxiety of marrying someone that eventually leads you to being single! Would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

single-foreverThe worst part about being afraid of staying single is demeaning yourself and your life; thinking it’s empty without a partner. It makes you miss all the nice things about yourself and your life that you’ve created. What’s even worse is that many people suffering from Anuptaphobia end up in wrong, abusive relationships which they don’t want to end, out of fear.

In some cases they lose their lives never knowing that this fear was just a combination of genetics and brain chemistry.

What might seem as a never ending case of Déjà vu of unlucky relationships, can actually be turned around with a bit of therapy, relaxation techniques and positive NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing).

But before you diagnose yourself with this, just remember that you are human and it’s OK to be single, as long as it doesn’t overtake your life causing you to have panic attacks. In the end, we all just should believe that there is that someone special, who is just around the corner and worth waiting for.

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