5 Backlink Services That Will Bring You Results

Building up a collection of backlinks is something that virtually all business websites must do. Backlinks are a crucial SEO element. If you set some up for your website, it’s much more likely that your site will get more visitors. It will also appear higher on Google results when an individual searches for a keyword related to your industry.

You might not know the best way to generate backlinks, though. Many kinds of backlink services exist, and we’ll talk about some of them right now. The ones we’ll mention have a long history of working for the companies that utilize them.

Content Marketing Agencies

Usually, when you contact a content marketing agency, they will outline a plan for how they’ll create backlinks for your company’s website. They typically know a network of sites that accept new content.

The agency will have article writers on its payroll. They’ll pay these writers to create new content that will feature backlinks leading to your site. The writers will send that content to the websites that accept them. Your would-be customers who read those blogs might click on the backlinks and end up at your website.

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies know the current best practices having to do with the Google algorithm. When you hire one, they will use their knowledge to create and place backlinks for your site.

They won’t use any outdated or black hat SEO tactics. The backlink network that they create for you will only involve websites with an excellent reputation to avoid getting you in any trouble with Google.

Infographic Companies

Infographic companies create infographics having to do with your brand and products. They’ll then come up with places where they can post those graphics. People respond well to visual content, so this technique sometimes works.

Infographic campaigns can be hit or miss. They work as backlinks to get people to potentially visit your website, but there’s no guarantee that someone will click on them. You’ll have to hope that the infographic goes viral. That’s how you get the most engagement through this strategy.

Blogger Outreach

Content marketing agencies frequently know bloggers they will query to ask if they can post guest blogs on their websites that feature your backlinks. You can skip the middleman and do blogger outreach yourself, though.

This might work for you, and it will save you money, since you won’t need to pay the content marketing agency their fee. However, it’s time-consuming. You must figure out which bloggers you should query, and you must also create the blogs that you’ll submit to them. This strategy works well for companies that have more time and less money.

PR Agencies

You can always hire a PR agency. Their job is to get your company mentioned anywhere they think is relevant. The idea is that when they locate other websites that will be interested in your company and the products and services you offer, those sites will talk about your brand and include backlinks to your site.