11 Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is not new, and the health benefits associated with it have been known for many years. With more focus on good nutrition and natural health alternatives these days, more and more people are paying attention to juicing. Although there is a bit of work associated with juicing, if you do it yourself, in the long run, it makes it easy to get the maximum health benefits from a number of nutritious fruits and vegetables at the same time. There are tried-and-true juice recipes that have been used by millions, and also the possibility of coming up with your very own combinations to suit your taste. Either way, there simply is no arguing against the benefits of juicing, and here are some of the most compelling.


1. Easy Digestion

It’s quite obvious that digesting juice as compared to digesting solid food is quite easy, and something the digestive system does with much less effort. This is particularly important for people with medical conditions that might prevent them from eating solid food.

2. Nutrients

The vast majority of doctors and other health professionals agree that the best way we can get the vitamins and minerals we need is to get them from the food we eat. Juicing can be a powerful way to combine a variety of raw foods into one drink that’s chock full of the nutrients we all require in order to be as healthy as we can be.

3. Cancer Fighter

While it certainly cannot be said that juicing is a cure for cancer, it can certainly be used in concert with other treatments to help in the fight against cancer. Juice is loaded with antioxidants, which can help the body fight off conditions that may cause cancer. Juicing regularly may also help prevent cancer from developing at all.

4. Cleansing

A good cleanse or detoxification is a great way to eliminate poisons from the body. Juice helps to supercharge the liver, which is responsible for removing all kinds of toxins from the body. Clearing toxins from the body can help your overall health, and also make you feel more energetic.

5. Immune Health

As mentioned previously, juice has a tremendous quantity of antioxidants in it, which may help to strengthen your immune system. A healthy and efficient immune system has more benefits than we are able to list here, and can help protect you from a range of illnesses from the common cold all the way up to cancer.

6. Diabetes

Adopting a regimen that includes juicing is a great way to fend off diabetes, especially if you replace sugary drinks like soda with juice. Juice is low in sugar compared to sweetened soft drinks, and will not spike your blood sugar levels.

7. Banish Brain Fog

The brain is incredibly reliant on the proper amount of nutrients in order to function at its best. Since juicing is such an incredibly efficient way to deliver those nutrients to your body, you are likely to experience better cognitive function including the ability to concentrate better.

8. Fiber

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber, which is useful to avoid constipation. Juicing can also help with weight loss, since it assists with removal of waste from the body, and can also satisfy hunger, which can help keep you feeling full rather than reaching for some sugar-laden snack food.

9. Blood Pressure

Some juices, beet juice, for example, contains ingredients that can lower blood pressure, which may help prevent more serious problems such as kidney failure, stroke, and heart attack. High blood pressure is often cited as a root cause for life-threatening illness.

10. pH Balance

Some believe that maintaining the proper pH balance of the body is vital to maintaining optimal health and prevent sickness. In general, it is believed that a body that is more acidic is more prone to illness and other health problems. Some juices, including celery juice, have shown the ability to make the body more alkaline.

11. Phytochemicals

These plant-based nutrients can be eliminated or reduced in typical processed foods when they are heated and processed. Juice made from raw fruits and vegetables contain the full compliment of phytochemicals, which are powerful disease-fighters. Juicing makes it easy to get a high concentration of these nutrients into your system without having to eat a truckload of whole fruits or vegetables.