The Benefits of Squats

Have you recently watched an older person try to stand up after they have been sitting for a while? Most of the time, older people struggle to stand up from a seat or couch because of a lack of conditioning and mobility in their legs, which can be addressed with a regular routine of squats.

Just as making deposits into your bank account will ultimately result in a nice balance, doing squats regularly is, likewise, a regular deposit into your long-term health. And it’s not just the older population that can benefit from squats. No matter your age, squats will intensify every aspect of your physical strength.


Not convinced? Check out these benefits of performing squats.

  • You will become more powerful. Doing squats regularly guarantees you stronger, reliable legs and hips. You will be working your quadriceps (the fronts of your legs), your glutes (your butt), your hamstrings (the backs of your legs), your spine, and your abs. Squats are an incredibly efficient exercise – your body will get a big bang in this small movement.
  • Squats mimic our regular, daily movements. We squat to get something under the bathroom sink, we squat to pick up the baby, we squat to grab something from the crisps in the refrigerator. Squatting helps us perform well in our daily lives.
  • Do squats and you’ll be cutting the risk of injury to yourself. Weak knees, legs and ankles lead to a significantly higher risk of injury. Squats build up these areas to provide you with a robust foundation less prone to injuries.
  • Squats increase your ability to get up, down and around as well as your overall flexibility. An apple a day is fine; but get your daily squats in and you’ll be moving fluidly into your golden years.
  • You won’t get bored—there as many ways of doing squats as days in the month: the Basic Squat, the One-Legged Squat, the Chair Squat, the Sumo Squat, the Squat Jump, and many more. Do them with added weights in your hands, do them really low down or adjust them according to your own abilities. There is no limit to the possibilities of squat exercises.

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Bow down to the Squat: It is the prince of all exercises that will make you happier, stronger, and more functional in your everyday life, both now and years from now.

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