Can kratom maeng da treat stress? Everything you need to know

These days, having stress is neither uncommon nor a big deal. However, increased stress levels can take a toll on the body. Many pieces of evidence suggest a prolonged period of stress can also cause anxiety and depression in addition to heart and gastrointestinal problems. Overstress can turn your life into a nightmare in the long run. So, for a better life, you need to keep your stress level in check and find ways to reduce the dangers associated with the increased stress level. While there are medications available in modern medicine to treat and control stress levels, it is not limited to that only. Besides, before starting a prescription, it is better to ponder natural alternatives. The primary question we will try to answer in this article is, can kratom maeng da treat stress?

So, if you are searching for a natural remedy to treat your stress and have an everyday life with a good night’s sleep, let’s see how maeng da kratom may be a good option for you?

What is Kratom?

Kratom, a Southeast Asian plant, is becoming more and more popular in the western part of the world due to the many reported health benefits. The edible portion of a kratom plant is its leaves, and they contain the compound mitragynine, an alkaloid that binds with the opioid receptors present in the brain. While Kratom isn’t an opioid, its active compound, the Mitragynine, produces similar effects as opium and morphine upon binding.  At low doses, Kratom can quickly provide a refreshing feeling to the users. Still, at a higher dosage, Kratom can also sedate the user. Kratom leaves are reported to have several benefits, such as pain relief and coping with opioid withdrawal. Many users have also reported the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety effects of Kratom. There are many natural varieties of Kratom, and recently, growers have started to grow hybrid varieties by mixing out two natural strains of Kratom. Maeng da kratom is one such type, and it is often claimed as the most potent kratom strain out there. Due to its potency, the Maeng da variant binds with the opioid receptor even more strongly. In addition to helping in relieving stress, Maeng da also helps in uplifting mood and gives a euphoric effect.

Where to find Maeng da kratom?

While the kratom tree is prevalent in tropical countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, it is equally famous in the United States. You can easily find the Maeng da kratom from head shops and gas stations to convenience stores and anywhere else. Still, the easiest and most hassle-free way to buy maeng da kratom is by ordering it online.

Traditionally, kratom leaves are consumed either fresh or dried; sometimes it is also brewed in tea. However, Maeng da kratom is available in many Western markets, such as capsules, extracts, gummies, tinctures, and tablets.

Variants of Maeng da Kratom

Like any other kratom, maeng da kratom also has variants based upon vein color & type. Although these variants have more or less similar effects, the variation is mainly seen in potency.

1.      Red maeng da:

It is the most potent maeng da kratom available in nature. Primarily famous for its analgesic effect, it is also beneficial in pain originating due to anxiety and depression. Red maeng da is also helpful in promoting sleep by increasing the serotonin level, which lowers stress. According to some users, red maeng da has powerful anti-depressant properties.

2.     Green maeng da:

Although the green vein has a moderate potency level, the best thing about this variant is that it also offers mild stimulation. It means rather than an all-out burst of energy at once, it provides a sustained push. The green maeng da is the perfect choice for countering fatigue due to anxiety and depression. Additionally, it also improves the cognitive function of users, making them more focused on the task at hand. So, if you are an introvert and don’t feel like yourself in social gatherings, then the green maeng da may help you.

Other purported benefits of Maeng da Kratom:

Besides helping in chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, many additional reported benefits of Maeng da exist. Although some of them are already mentioned, let’s summarize them below:-

  • Energy boost.
  • Sense of Euphoria (in higher dosage)
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Helpful in opioid withdrawal.

Kratom legality in the United States:

Although in many countries, Kratom is illegal, in the United States, it is federally legal to use, store and consume Kratom. Although the Food and Drug Association (FDA) hasn’t restricted the sale of Kratom, it has banned the import of the same since 2014 in the United States. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has also kept Kratom on the list of drugs and chemicals of concern. Due to these developments, at least six states are against the use of Kratom and have passed a separate law to regulate the use of Kratom within their boundaries. These states are Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama. The Kratom market is also not federally regulated, meaning as long as manufactures are not making false claims about disease treatment, the FDA can’t do anything. This has caused many unlicensed manufacturers and sellers to sell impure products lately, and you can do nothing because you can’t see these impurities with naked eyes. To counter these quality issues, you should always buy your maeng da kratom from a reputed source that publicly shows third-party tab test results about their products.


The maeng da kratom is a relatively new product in the health supplement market. It needs more research, although the initial investigation has promising results. According to users, there are many benefits of Maeng da, including the widely known stress-busting and analgesic properties. Still, some users have also reported the withdrawal-like effects of opioids.

However, the Maeng da segment is not reasonably regulated, and except for the previously mentioned six states, there is hardly any law regulating its use. However, some states have age restrictions, like Illinois and New Hampshire. So, before moving interstate, it would be nice to check with the local laws; it can protect you from lots of trouble.