Cats Meow to Communicate to People, Not Each Other

A cat’s meow can have a lot of meaning when it comes to communication but mostly, the meaning of the meows of cats is to communicate with humans. However, there are some individuals who think that cats’ meows are to communicate with each other, which is wrong. Although there are lots of things that are considered as communications by cats such as body language and biting, the most commonly used communication used by them is purring or meowing.

cats meowThere are lots of meanings once a particular cat meows. Actually, there are five different meanings for a cat’s meow. Being hungry, wanting to go out and to come in, seeking for attention and asking for some help are the most common meanings of cats’ meow. Although it is hard to understand the meows and other sounds that this animal produces, being hungry is the easiest to understand. Cats will meow and ask for some food while standing beside their empty bowls.

Types of meows are numerous and they have different meanings. The most common type of meow is the constant meowing. Constant meowing might mean that they are in danger. This type of meow should be stopped especially at night to avoid being disturbed. The most effective way to stop constant meowing is to feed them on a regular basis. You should also try installing cat flaps, play with them and discipline them. These ways can stop their constant purring or meowing. More than that, this will also ensure that they will be happy, healthy and playful at all times.