Cool Facts About Rooftop Tents

Rooftop tents are surprisingly awesome and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them are like little private rooms on top of your car, while others are like full-fledged camper shells. When it comes to rooftop tents, there’s kind of an endless amount of awesome things about them! There is so much to talk about and it is all so good. Let’s get into some cool rooftop tent facts!

Cool Facts About Rooftop Tents:

According to Mako56, in the past few years, the rooftop tent has been growing in popularity with people who like travelling over lands or countries – overlanders.

With most of us living in a world that is getting more and more expensive, it is not surprising that overlanders are looking for ways to cut their travelling expenses. Rooftop tents are snugging in popularity because there are just so many cool things about them.

Rooftop Tents Have Been Around For Over 60+ Years:

Although rooftop tents have recently snuggled in popularity (thanks to Instagram), they have been around for over half a century – the first one was built around 1958 in Italy.

Rooftop tents’ well-deserved success in the world market is based on its exclusive luxury offerings and the extraordinary intuition of its time, which identified a sense of freedom and independence.

Over the past sixty years, explorers, travellers, and adventurers have been using this amazing invention. Today, rooftop tents have become a necessity for those who are looking to escape from the drudgery of everyday life.

The First Two Rooftop Models Were Named as “Maggiolina” and “Air-Camping”.

During 1957 and 1959, two rooftop tent models were invented – the vertical lifting tent and the lateral hinged folding tent.

“Maggiolina ” was the first model. Later “Air Camping” (the folding fabric rooftop tent) was created by Giuseppe Dionisio.

During the first month, “Maggiolina” was referred to as “Autocampeggio Stogi” – based on the name of its creator.

The “Air-Camping” roof tent model gradually attracted the attention of the overlanders – who were just looking for something this cool.

Later, because of the historic adventures of Nino Cipriani, this “Air Camping” model became the favourite of adventure seekers and extreme campers.

There are Over 7 Styles and 50 models of Rooftop Tents:

After Rooftop tents snuggled into popularity, the manufacturer in Italy introduced seven new styles of rooftop tents.:

  1. Car Camper by Mako56
  2. Maggiolina
  3. Air Camping
  4. Air Top
  5. Columbus
  6. Overzone
  7. Overcamp
  8. Overland

Now, there is something for everyone in the rooftop tent collection. From the super-lightweight Tentsile® FamTent® to the amazingly spacious Mako56 Car Camper, MSR® Hubba® Hubba® NX, you’ll quickly find the option that’s right for you.

Even now manufacturers are constantly innovating new rooftop tent designs, making them lighter and easily packable for all of your favorite outdoor adventures.

5 Cool Benefits of Rooftop Tents:

If you are the owner of a rooftop tent, you’re probably already enjoying the benefits of having your own rooftop tent. But, if you’re planning to buy one, here are some cool benefits of rooftop tents:

A Few Minutes Quick Setup:

The coolest thing about rooftop tents is how much time they save you. They’re quick and easy to set up – it takes only a few steps and minutes – so you’ll spend less time waiting for your tent to go up and more time enjoying the outdoors. Furthermore, with a rooftop tent, you don’t need special skills or tools to build a tent. Even if this is your first time camping, you can set up your tent in a few steps – straps, ladder, and poles.

No need for Bug Sprays, Creams, Or Ground Cover.

With a rooftop tent, you don’t need bug sprays, creams, oil repellents, or ground cover. Enjoy camping on top of your car. Be bug-free anywhere with this cleverly designed rooftop tent. You’ll be able to enjoy your time outdoors, without the pesky bites, thanks to the screened openings that keep all creepy insects out.

Rooftop Tents Keep Clean and Dry:

In addition to keeping you safe from creepy insects, rooftop tents keep you clean and dry by creating an elevated bedroom – no muddy ground. You don’t have to worry about “winds” or “bad weather” anymore. Rooftop tents make sure you are not tied down by outside factors like rain, snow, muddy ground, etc.

With Rooftop Tents, You Can Camp Anywhere, Anytime:

Another cool benefit of owning your own rooftop tent is the fact that it allows you to go camping anywhere, anytime you want to without having to use expensive camping equipment. You can even easily carry all your camping supplies along with you by turning the rooftop tent into a rooftop storage box – how cool is that.

The Takeaway:

Whether you live in a city or a rural area, a rooftop tent is the best place to take your next vacation. Rooftop tents excel at so many things – adventure, exploration, easy to set up, bugs protection, enjoying a cool camp – you name it.

All in all, with a rooftop tent, whenever you want to go camping anywhere, all you need is to buy your roof top tent and set up camp wherever you want.