Designing Attention-Grabbing Print Ads & Displays

The right design can get your ad noticed and lead to more successful campaigns.

A lot of people underestimate the power of design when it comes to print ads and displays. And that is a mistake because these advertisements need to catch the eye of the viewer in order for them to be effective.

The right design can get your ad noticed and lead to more successful campaigns.

This article will discuss some best practices you can use in order to create an advertisement that works for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a free standing poster display, flyer, or some other type of print ad or display, these tips hold true for all types of ads.


If you are designing ads for print, then you should remember that simplicity is key. You need to make your message stand out in the most creative way possible without overdoing it.

Ads are one of the most important parts of marketing. They are an integral part of any company’s branding strategy. To be more effective, they need to grab attention and inspire the viewer to take action. A good way to do this is through creativity and simplicity in design.

Call to Actions

The objective of advertisements and displays is to get the attention of the target audience and to generate interest in a product or service. To achieve this, we must design advertising and displays that are intellectually stimulating, emotionally compelling, and visually attractive.

Call-to-actions should be included in print ads and displays for this to happen. Call-to-actions are imperative for generating an action that will lead to a conversion or sale. Without them a target customer may not know how to respond to an ad.

Build with Niches in Mind

Since we know that it’s not easy to keep people’s attention these days, designers often incorporate novel and creative techniques to create attention-grabbing ads and displays.

What makes a good design? It all starts with the audience and what they need or want. A designer needs to better understand who will be viewing their work and what they want from it. This includes everything from their demographics, to their goals, to the kind of content they consume.

Including niche markets in your advertising design is key in designing an effective ad or display because it helps you reach other people who might be interested in your product but might not have been aware of it before.

Add a Surprise Element

The goal of an advertisement is to grab the viewer’s attention. Aside from design, placement, and content, one way to create a lasting impression is by adding a surprise element.

A surprising element can be as simple as placing an object in an unusual location or including a persuasive message that the reader cannot ignore. The key is that it grabs the viewer’s imagination and makes them want to know more about what’s going on.

Designers use the concept of surprise elements to create ads and displays that stand out from competitors and draw in customers. It draws attention to their product or service and it leaves a lasting impression on viewers.