Different Bets Someone Can Make on The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of United States sports entertainment. It is the most-watched sporting event in the country in many ways more than one. One of the ways the Super Bowl becomes so popular is due to the amount of money placed on bets on the big game.

Super Bowl odds are listed on many various aspects of the game. People that do not even watch football find the Super Bowl quite interesting due to the commercials, halftime show, and the opportunity to make a successful bet on almost any aspect of the game.

Here are the different ways to bet on the Super Bowl.

Futures Odds

Currently, there are nine teams in the NFL playoffs. Looking at future odds for these teams is a great way to pick a winner before the game is even set. Each team that is still in contention will have a set of odds with their name.

These odds will be ranked from heavy favorite to long-shot underdog. Picking the underdog to make or even win the Super Bowl will give the bettor more bang for their buck when making the pick.

Take a second and look at the current futures odds for the 2022 Super Bowl.

Point Spread

When the Super Bowl matchup is determined, one team will clearly be marked as the favorite as they will have a negative point amount next to their name. This is known as the spread in the matchup.

In football, a typical spread is 7.5 points.

For example, if there are two teams competing (Team A & Team B) in the Super Bowl, one of the two teams will be the favorite. The point spread could look as follows, Team A -7.5 (+125) Team B +7.5 (-105).

This means that Team A must win by more than 7.5 points for the bettor to get their return off of their favorable odds. Knowing the point spread and seeing if it is a beneficial bet will help know if betting on the point spread is worth it.

Point Totals

When the matchup is finalized, there will be an over/under play listed for the game. This point amount is what the sportsbook looks at as the possible total amount of points scored in the contest. This is also simply called the over/under.

The sportsbook will have odds for the over total points in the game and the under total points in the game. The personnel available for each team in the given matchup will determine the odds for the game to be over or under the total amount.

Betting on the over/under on the total points may seem more accessible than other bets that are available for the contest.

Prop Bets

Here we go!

The Super Bowl is full of prop bets available at one’s disposal. These can range in many different areas. There are a plethora of prop bets to make on a player’s performance in the game, such as over/under passing yards, total touchdowns scored, rushing yards, etc.

Another option is to look at team performance prop bets. People can bet on the exact amount that one team will win by. There are prop bets for how the first point will be scored and when the first point will be scored.

The number of prop bets available is endless in terms of on-field performance.

With the Super Bowl, the number of prop bets becomes even greater.

Most people think that the betting is only made on what is happening on the field, but what about off the field.? In the Super Bowl, depending on the sportsbook, there may be certain prop bets that can be made about the extracurricular activities with the big game.

These bets can range from what industry is the first commercial to the coin toss heads/tails and even how long the halftime show lasts. There is a monumental amount of prop bets to make for the Super Bowl, so any fan can research their sportsbook and check out the props available and have some fun!