‘Dysania’ is the state of finding it hard getting up out of bed in the morning

Are you a Clinomaniac?

Clinomania, or Dysania as it is more commonly known, causes sufferers to find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

dysaniaClinomania, from the Greek clino (bed) and mania (addiction) is literally an addiction to bed. Sufferers have an overriding need to be in bed regardless of their responsibilities in the outside world. This can manifest in spending days at a time in bed potentially causing serious personal and health problems.

Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other anxiety disorders can cause people to oversleep and avoid life’s daily challenges however Dysaniacs feel the addiction pull them into bed regardless of the consequences.

Classified as an anxiety disorder Dysania sufferers wake readily enough, however they find the task of rising from bed extremely difficult. The condition is commonly referenced when a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is sought however neither condition is related nor thought to be reciprocal.

We all have those ‘I hate Mondays’ days where we pine to spend a little extra time riding the snooze button, but for Dysaniacs it’s not as simple as plain old lethargy.

Treatment can range from the chemical (serotonin) to the physical (exercise, diet) and the psychological (Psychologists, awareness). Dysania is a rare though legitimate condition and people who believe they may be sufferers should seek help from a medical professional.

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