What’s it like to have Erectile Dysfunction? 

Only a few men out of hundreds would talk about the common sex problems they are having in the bedroom. Even less want to report them to their doctors. Though it’s not rare for men to have a low erection at some point of time, Erectile Dysfunction impacts not only your relationship and sexual health, but also your self-esteem, and it should be treated accordingly.


Erectile Dysfunction aka ED is the known type of sexual dysfunction in which your erection is not firm enough for sex.

In most of the cases, ED that happens routinely is due to physical causes including neurological problems, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, adverse drug reaction, tobacco use, etc. The remaining ED triggers are psychological in nature where the brain plays a key role, starting with your feelings and thoughts. That could be worsened by depression, guilt, anxiety, stress and even pornography addiction.

Signs of ED

Recent statistics show that not only is ED an older man problem but also a one for men of all ages. The way how you get turned on to make your partner happy is a complex process and involves many factors like the work of your brain, blood vessels, muscles along with your emotions, hormones and nerves. If any of these fail to respond, a man can suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms can be described by the repeated inability to get a penile erection and stay aroused to finish your sexual activity. As a result, your desire for sex is lowered which could shut the whole thing down, especially if the signs last longer than 3 months.

Other sexual disorders may include delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation or even orgasmic dysfunction.

What to do to prevent ED from happening

You should understand that taking care of yourself is a key that helps you avoid persistent sexual problems, though it might not always wipe out erectile dysfunction. Since stress and anxiety amplify the development of ED, you may need to find the way how to put your mind at ease and relax.

It’s also important to talk to your doctor if your health conditions are far from good and you experience cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc. Mental health is another hidden menace that may lead to sad results, especially for your self-esteem.

Needless to say that quitting smoking and limiting alcohol usage is another step towards better health conditions and harder erection.


Treating Erectile Dysfunction is dependent on the underlying cause, which means you’ll need to come up with an individual plan on how to deal with the ED problems. In general, vigorous exercises could work well to improve blood flow and circulation to your penis.

Other than that, consult your doctor for a combination of treatments that may include:

  1. Medications – if necessary, certain medications may be prescribed to handle ED problems, such as well-known Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis which can be administered orally. In addition, there are many OTC male enhancement pills along with testosterone replacement, urethral suppository and penile injections.  Please make sure you consult your therapist before taking any new ED medications.
  2. Talk therapy – speaking with a relationship counselor is another efficient method that might help reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. You can also discuss feelings around your sexual health, loss of libido, and difficulties with your sex partner.
  3. Pumps – a vacuum erection device is used to attain erection by improving blood flow into your penis. This is a first-line treatment and some of the vacuum therapy devices are even approved by FDA and available on prescription.
  4. Physical treatments – penile implants that are fitted surgically are a viable option for some men but is only suggested if other treatments have failed. Reconstructive surgeries may sometimes be risky for your overall health.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my ED is psychological?

Though many men believe ED is a common problem when aged, modern medicine has debunked these falsehoods. First thing you can do is complete a physical examination where a doctor, after reviewing your medical records, will ask you certain questions to estimate the rigor of your ED problems. If you don’t happen to have medical conditions, a psychological evaluation test may be given by a health provider to further identify the root cause of your ED impotence.

What foods to take to help ED?

There is evidence that certain foods are good for your vascular system to prevent and treat ED. The following key nutrients are: nitrates in leafy greens and beets, flavonoids in dark chocolate, protein in pistachios, zinc in oysters, lycopene in tomatoes and pink grapefruit. Please also make sure to limit consumption of processed sugar, junk-food, and red meats.

How can I overcome sexual performance anxiety?

Brain is the main trigger when you are nervous about being able to attain an erection. The more you worry the less chances you have to please your partner. As a result, your extreme nervousness may lead to ED problems and can be overcome with treatment and education.

Is it safe to combine treatment options?

Many men do it often, but sometimes they combine strong drug therapy that makes their erection last too long, which may be very dangerous to health. Always consult with your health provider for proper guidelines.