Everything to Know About Becoming a Contractor in Tennessee

Tennessee can be a rather difficult state to build homes in – there are very different rules than other states. Some make contracting easier in this state, while others make it more difficult.

While some of these vary by municipality, other laws don’t. The following are some of the rules that apply to specifically contractors throughout Tennessee.

Renewing Your License

If you’re thinking of becoming a contractor in the state, the most important rule that all contractors there must follow is that you need to regularly make sure that you renew your license in Tennessee.

It really is common sense but so many contractors will let their license expire and keep working.  This can lead to criminal and civil charges that will cost ridiculous amounts of money but can also land you in jail if you aren’t careful.

The biggest aspect is that this will enable you to get any licensing and paperwork handled much more easily than you would if you didn’t have your license renewed.

Can’t Blame the Contractor

One of the most unique rules that contractors deal with regularly in Tennessee is that the contractor usually isn’t responsible for the work done by the sub-contractors. This is a massive factor in that it allows the primary contractor to not have to carry as much insurance.

In essence, this law provides amnesty for any construction job over $25,000. In situations where more than this was spent by the subcontractor and they have made a glaring error, the liability for the error falls to the subcontractor to rectify the job.

The main benefit to this is that it enables a contractor to hire someone to finish a job they may not have time to finish themselves. However, if the subcontractor messes the job up, they can be taken to civil court and face charges related to the damage they incurred. Therefore, they would have to pay the original homeowner the cost of the damages at no risk to the primary contractor. Unlike some other states, subcontractors in Tennessee are held liable for their own mistakes.

Beware Home Inspectors

One of the biggest issues facing contractors in Tennessee involves unscrupulous home inspectors. There are countless tales of people, either selling their home or attempting to, who jump through the hoops that building inspectors lay down. Home inspectors can be especially harsh when judging building jobs and might critique remodeling work that has to be fixed at the contractors’ expense.

This can be exceptionally frustrating, and it can lead to many contractors simply giving up on a refurbishment. The solution to this problem is to write down all home improvements as you are told them. This way you have written proof that you never were told to do additional work.

Pay Attention to Legal Changes

This could be the one area that trips people up the most. As of 2014, there were over 20 new sections of contracting law that had been changed. This is in addition to all the amendments, rule changes and small tweaks a contractor would need to know to do their job properly. This is why it is so important for contractors in Tennessee to stay on top of the changing rules.

Tennessee can be a great state to work in as a contractor. There are countless subdivisions being built all the time that need capable contractors to overlook the construction. However, the key is knowing what can and can’t be done so that it is done properly. That is a major reason why you should get licensed in Tennessee as soon as you can.