Facts About Bunnies

Everyone loves bunnies, don’t they? Well if you love bunnies then you will certainly like to hear some fun facts about them. Take a look at some of them below.

The World’s Biggest Rabbit Weighed Around 50lbs

Darius, the world’s biggest bunny weighed around 50lbs and it stood at 4″3. His owners say that he behaves like a dog and that he is practically one of the family. He’s insured for $1.6 million and he even has his own bodyguard!

Female Bunnies Can Produce 8 Litters a Year

You may have heard that bunnies breed a lot, but did you know that a female bunny can actually produce 8 litters per year? And that the largest litter ever produced consisted of 24 babies?

Run, Rabbit Run. Bunnies Can Run At 40mph.

Bunnies are great at running and they can reach speeds of 40mph. That’s incredibly fast but this is more common in wild rabbits as opposed to the domesticated rabbits you have as pets.

Rabbits are Furless When Born

Rabbits are actually born completely furless and they might not open their eyes until two weeks after birth. This is especially the case if they are being hand-raised and this makes them that little bit more adorable.

Rabbits Have 28 Teeth

You might think that rabbits only have two teeth at the front but the truth is that they have 28 teeth in total. You wouldn’t want to get in the way of those bad boys!

The Oldest Rabbit in the World is 16 Years Old

Rabbits only live to around 8 or 9 years but the oldest rabbit in the world is 16 years old. Rabbits that are bred in captivity often live much longer than rabbits that are in the wild.

The European Rabbit Lives Underground

The European rabbit actually lives underground in a series of well constructed burrows. If you come across a burrow then the technical term for it would be a warren.

Half of the Rabbits in the World are in America

Over half of the world’s population of rabbits actually live in North America. This is a real problem if you have a farm, but if you love bunnies then you will certainly want to book a one way ticket right away.

Rabbits Have Ears That Can Grow To Over 10cm

Some rabbits have had ears over 10cm long and this is largely dependent on the mother and the father. With so many bunnies born every year, it can be hard to keep track of them if you are a breeder!

Pet Rabbits are Often Called House Rabbits

Pet rabbits are often referred to as being house rabbits. They don’t go outside and they are very timid in most cases.

Rabbits Can Produce Like Something You’ve Never Seen Before

Rabbits are notorious for producing and this can be a real problem if you have a farm or if you live in an agricultural area.

So as you can see, rabbits can be the worst pests in the world but they can also be the most loved house pets as well!