Absolute Bella Facts About Rome

Rome has many names, such as “The Forever City” but as the romantic’s and the hedonist’s favourite city, it must have a lot to offer, and it sure does.

Many people already know a lot about Rome, but here is a bit more information about the beautiful city packed with Italian charm.

Some rooftops in Rome. What a wonderful view.

Some rooftops in Rome. What a wonderful view.

General Information

Rome is the capital of Italia with more than 3.5 million inhabitants. The city is built on top of seven hills and is divided by the river Tiber. On the West side of the Tiber river, you´ll find the Vatican state, while the old Rome is found on the East side of Tiber.

The Food

The Italian capital can also flaunt the many places to get a bite and you may be familiar with some of the many great gastronomies you’ll find in Rome. However, here you have some of the most famous ones: Tiramisu, ice cream, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano, pasta, and pizza. What might surprise you is the fact that they keep their parmesan cheese in banks and they can take a parmesan cheese loan. These cheeses are very valuable and can be passed on from generation to generation.

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Rome’s History

Rome is one of Europe’s oldest cities, documented all the way back to 900 years before Christ. The past inhabitants have left a treasure trove of architectural masterpieces. The historical buildings and cultural monuments are one of the reasons why so many enjoy traveling there on holiday.

The Colosseum

The massive Colosseum, the place where gladiator’s had countless fights with lions, but mostly their death’s entertained the big audience. Being a gladiator came with much glory, especially if you died in battle. A good gladiator would sell his sweat in small bottles. People believed they would get the strength from the gladiator by wearing the sweat as we do with perfume today.

Here you see the inside of The Colosseum, the seats for the loud crowd.

The Colosseum and the seats for the loud crowd.

Smaller attractions

The rich life behind the villa facades in Villa Borghese. Complete with numerous of the so-called Villa Gardens, recreated in their original state, as big museum landscapes.

The treasures of magnificent art at the Vatican state, and the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti attracts many tourists.

This is one of the Borghese gardens, brought back to their original state.

This is one of the Borghese gardens, brought back to their original state.

The essence of Rome

What makes Rome is the people living there. Most people living in Italy doesn’t have a lot of money; they deal with the little they have. They make simple, but great tasting food, most women stay at home and love to put passion and time into their cooking.

The Italian people live a simple life, without too much stress. So to say Italy, and Rome is a place full of pasta and passion is to be the best description.