Finding Winter Clothes That Are Comfortable, Warm, & Affordable

The worst thing about winter is that you can’t always get away with simply layering to be warm: and on top of that, the push to be fashionable can be killer to your budget.

Instead of breaking the bank or wearing eighty long-sleeved shirts to keep warm, these are some of the best ways to find winter clothing that’s comfortable, warm, and affordable.

Go to Second-Hand Stores

This option is the most obvious: but it’s also important to consider buying for the next year when you’re at the end of winter.  At the beginning of the season, there’s a huge rush for people to get all of the warm clothing they can get their hands on, but it’s important to remember that kids grow quickly, and whatever you’re able to find may only fit this year.

Shopping at the end of the season may fetch you a discount and will give you the chance to give yourself and your kids the opportunity to have clothing set up for the next winter, so there’s no rush once the first frost sets in.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Second-Hand Online.

Many are nervous about shopping second-hand online because they’re not sure of the quality or selection: but it’s the same (if not better) than shopping in person!

In addition, there’s a far larger selection since you’re not only competing within your neighborhood, and there are plenty of items from second-hand kids’ clothes to adult leather jackets that will allow you to get a brand new look.

Consider Doing a Clothing Swap

A clothing swap can be a great solution for many because it’s often free!  Join a local swap group, and get to know people in your area who are open to this idea.  This can allow you to trade clothing with people who are your size or parents who have kids of varying ages like yours.

Instead of stressing about budget, you’ll get to be pickier about what you choose for your family and know that your older items are going to someone who will love them.

Items You Should Invest In

Although you can get most clothing second-hand, when you’re shopping for winter, there are a couple of items that you should always buy new.  This includes any undergarments, socks, and sometimes even shoes.

For example, when purchasing boots for the winter, the tread on the bottom of the shoe matters; if it’s too worn down, it can make ice into a large hazard.  Instead, consider investing in a good pair of boots that will last and go second hand with items like coats that won’t wear down or cause a safety issue.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Reinventing How You Warm Yourself

The rush of new clothing is something that’s hard to replicate without adding new items to your wardrobe.  If you want to create a new look, and aren’t sure about how it will make you appear, consider some of the options listed here!  Not only can you reinvent yourself for the winter, but you’ll also be able to stay warm while you do it.