Four Interesting Career Paths to Make a Difference in Life

If you’re coming to the end of your formal education, you may already be thinking about what your first job will be and your intended career path. After years of hard study and exam preparation, hopefully you will have gained the grades you need to get your dream job.

For some people, their ideal job is in a field of work that provides an excellent renumeration package. Many people choose to work in the business sector and hope to find a job with one of the top blue chip companies so that they can benefit from a lifestyle that is funded by an impressive salary. For others, the desire to help their local community is of paramount importance and the need to make a difference is one of the top motivating factors.

If you’re searching for a career path that gives you the opportunity to make a difference and offers a healthy salary, then this article should provide great inspiration for you. Four specific career paths are described in detail, and all of them make a valuable contribution to local communities.

1.   Law

If you have a strong sense of justice and want to ensure that those who commit crimes are accountable for their actions, then a career in law may be the ideal choice for you. The role of an attorney is ideally suited for a person who can distil complex information and present it clearly in a court setting whilst using clear and persuasive language to present the case effectively for their client.

Working as an attorney is both interesting and well paid. You will have a wide range of clients to represent depending on your chosen field of law and the average salary in the US is approximately $84,000 per year.

To practice in the field of law, you must firstly be accepted for study at a law school. To get into law school, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This is a complex examination that requires multiple choice questions to be answered and assesses a candidate’s reading, logic, and reasoning skills. Thankfully, there are a range of lsat preparation educational organizations that offer courses of study to prepare you for this vital test.

2.   Emergency care  

If you have a deep desire to help seriously and critically ill patients in their time of emergency, then you may wish to consider a career as a paramedic. Emergency care staff such as paramedics provide a vital and life-saving service to their local communities. When a patient or bystander calls the emergency services and the call-taker recognizes that there’s a life-threatening emergency, a paramedic crew will be swiftly dispatched to the scene of the incident.

Paramedics use a range of specialist clinical skills, and their timely intervention can help to save the lives of people who require immediate assistance. Paramedics commonly respond to heart attack patients who have collapsed or who have sustained serious trauma. For these patients, timely interventions are critical and they may require the deployment of an AED to help restart their heart if they suffer a cardiac arrest.

There are few careers that offer the potential to save scores of lives in a public setting during a person’s working life. As such, the role of a paramedic can be extremely rewarding if you can keep calm under pressure and use quick judgment to provide the best clinical interventions for a seriously ill patient.

3.   Teaching

If you are motivated by the thought of providing a first-class education to the next generation of students and giving them the skills to succeed in life, then the role of teacher may be the perfect career choice for you.

Today, teachers use a range of technology and learning materials to educate their students such as PCs and even virtual reality units to bring learning to life. A typical teacher will educate their students on one of the main curriculum subjects depending on their specialist knowledge. However, there are also roles within education for supply teachers who provide cover for teachers who are off due to illness and these staff should be able to provide comprehensive learning on a wide range of topics.

Teachers are held in high regard in their communities and provide their students with an education that prepares them for adult life.

4.   Funeral service director

It is an inevitable fact that every living person will eventually die. The death of a close friend, partner, or relative is always a distressing time, but a funeral service director helps the grieving relatives to plan a funeral for their loved ones. Funeral directors work with dignity and compassion to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out and the funeral service runs smoothly.

If you’re seeking to comfort and reassure those who are suffering from grief and provide them with a final service that honours the life of the departed, then this role may be your ideal career path.

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