How 7 Social Media Mentors Got Rich and Famous

The journey to becoming a profitable and successful social media mentor
can be quite tumultuous. It is undeniable there is a supreme significance
of digital entrepreneurship mentors is incredibly prominent in this day and
age. There are many online business mentors out there, however, the most
predominant within this field that have had the most remarkable are David
Meltzer, Robert Kiyosaki, Bedros Keuilian, Brad Lea, Cue Banks, Eric
Bergman, as well as Jason Stone. These influencers have created a
long-lasting and noteworthy impact on their audience, and have provided an
abundance of valuable content for aspiring digital entrepreneurs through
their journey. Mentor Course Review provides an encapsulating look at all
of the mentors that have a prominent presence within the digital space, and
assists you in making a decision about which mentor may be worthy of your

1. David Meltzer

Co-founder of Sports One Marketing and formerly serving as CEO of the
renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment agency, which was the
inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire, David Meltzer’s life mission is to
empower over one billion individuals to create a more happy life for
themselves. This simple yet effective mission has brought him upon an
incredible journey to provide only one thing to his audience and those
around him, value. Within all of Meltzer’s content as well as communication
this is exactly what you will receive. Three-time international
best-selling author, a Top Hundred Business Coach, the executive producer
of Entrepreneur‘s number one digital business show, Elevator Pitch, and
host of the top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook, Meltzer has received
many accolades for his extraordinary work within his field. Meltzer’s
latest book, Game-Time Decision Making, was a number one new release,
Meltzer has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports
Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. On
Meltzer’s podcast, The Playbook, you will discover a mixture of interviews,
question and answer sessions, fireside chats, keynotes as well as exclusive
conversations with the most significants CEOs, sports icons, as well as
successful entrepreneurs who provide their personal and professional
play-by-play of the “what,” “why,” and “how” to achieve anything you set
your mind to. Having over thirty years as an executive and entrepreneur,
Meltzer utilizes his inner-circle relationship capital as well as
situational knowledge to create a value-based consulting model that focuses
on guaranteed quantitative value. Meltzer’s clients include Fortune 100
executives as well as start-up Entrepreneurs. With the immense pressure on,
remarkable coaches remained laser-focused, confident as well as fully in
charge of their roster. They are the same wary when it comes to developing
strategic moves and game plans in hopes of succeeding. Simply put, they
always win because they have a superior decision-making process. Game-Time
Decision Making is considered to be a proven playbook for positioning
yourself for success. From creating and using the most effective tactics as
well as strategies to leading your company through times of change, this is
your playbook for total business success. Meltzer is also a value-based
speaker whose combination of inspiration, energy, and pragmatism has led
him to recognition by outlets such as Forbes and Entrepreneur as well as a
starring role in WGN’s World’s Greatest Motivators. Named a Top 100
Business Coach by Marshall Goldsmith, Meltzer regularly speaks at the
world’s biggest business, sports, technology, and motivational events. As
so wisely said by Meltzer, “Everything already exists. It’s our job to
increase our awareness to access it.”, Meltzer constantly motivates those
around him and his audience to create a better life for themselves.

2. Robert Kiyosaki
Most renowned for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, the number one personal
finance book of all time, Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and transformed
the way for tens of millions of people around the world to think about
money in a new light. Entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes the
world needs more entrepreneurs who will create jobs, Kiyosaki has earned an
international reputation for his blunt and courageous personality. Holding
perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional
wisdom, Kiyosaki has been heralded as a visionary who has a gift for
simplifying complex concepts, ideas related to money, investing, finance,
and economics, as well as has shared his personal journey to financial
freedom in ways that resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Kiyosaki’s point of view is that the “old advice” attend school, get a job,
save money, get out of debt, invest for the long term, and diversify—has
become obsolete advice in today’s fast-paced ever-changing world.
Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad philosophies and messages challenge the status quo and
his teachings encourage people to take initiative to become financially
educated and financially free. Kiyosaki grew up in the small town of Hilo,
Hawaii. Kiyosaki went to college at Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy in
New York state. Upon graduation, Kiyosaki turned down a well-paying job
with Standard Oil and chose to enlist in the Marine Corps as a helicopter
pilot at the time of the Vietnam War. After his service in the military,
Kiyosaki went to work for the Xerox Corporation. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad told
him that the key to any successful business is sales. Kiyosaki rose to the
number one salesperson at Xerox. From there Kiyosaki’s entrepreneurial
spirit kicked in. Kiyosaki created the company Rippers, along with his
brother. Rippers was the first company ever to bring to market the nylon
and Velcro “surfer” wallet. During this time Kiyosaki met and studied with
R. Buckminster Fuller; a futurist, visionary, inventor, architect and
humanitarian. Bucky, as he was called, had an immense impact on Robert and
as a result Robert set out to make a positive difference as an educator of
entrepreneurship and money. In the year 1996, Kiyosaki as well as his wife,
Kim, created and launched the CASHFLOW board game to teach people about
money and investing in a fun and entertaining way. In 1997 Kiyosaki wrote
Rich Dad Poor Dad, and they both founded The Rich Dad Company. Currently,
the book and the board game are more popular and relevant than ever before.
Kiyosaki is the author of twenty-seven books, including two books with the
former president of the United States, Donald Trump, prior to him becoming
President of the United States. Kiyosaki has been a featured guest with
media outlets in every corner of the world. Kiyosaki is the host of the
Rich Dad Radio Show podcast, a world-renowned speaker, and life-long

3. Bedros Keuilian

Founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp listed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s
500 fastest growing franchises in the world and 3x listed on the Inc. 5000
list of Fastest Growing privately owned companies, Bedros Keuilian is
referred to as one of the hidden genius that New York Times best-selling
authors, thought leaders, as well as entrepreneurs turn to when they want
to create highly profitable and industry dominating brands and businesses.
Once an immigrant from a communist nation transformed into a hugely
successful entrepreneur, Keuilian utilizes the stage, TV, and social media
to share his Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire
audiences worldwide to reach their fullest potential in business and in
life! Keuilian is a serial entrepreneur that owns a multi-million dollar
generating businesses in franchising, software, digital marketing, and
business consulting. Keuilian is best known for his ability to assist his
clients quickly establish expert and authority positioning and become the
predominant brand in their field. Keuilian’s sales, marketing, business
systems are the secret weapon used by thousands of successful businesses,
bestselling authors, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses to
its fullest potential without the stress, frustration, or uncertainty that
most entrepreneurs experience.

4. Brad Lea

Leading authority on web-based training, Brad Lea is experienced and
proven in sales and marketing. Lea is also a seasoned professional with a
strong base of sales management coming from twenty-five years in the
Automotive Industry. Lea’s thought leadership has been instrumental in
helping guide some of today’s most effective and productive sales
professionals worldwide. In addition to this, Lea is the author of the Real
Deal Lease Presentation. Engaging, authentic and dynamic, Lea is passionate
about helping companies discover and develop additional recurring revenue
models and improving existing systems and processes. As the CEO and Founder
of LightSpeed VT, Lea has revolutionized the online training world. Lea has
set the gold standard for how training is delivered, tracked and reported
on ensuring maximum performance, accountability, retention and results.

Self-made entrepreneur Lea or as people call him “The Real Brad Lea,” is
the founder, Chairman and CEO of LightSpeed VT, an interactive experienced
based training and communications system that helps leading Fortune 100
brands train and engage.

5. Cue Banks

Taking over the United States of America Through WSA Successful Forex
Trader Quillan Roberto Black, Cue Banks is most well known as the founder
of the Wall Street Academy (WSA) which is based within the United States of
America which has played a noteworthy role in the trading lives of majority
of the American citizens involved in Forex Trading. Banks began his career
and self-taught himself business through reselling iPhones. Today, Banks is
a professional and well-known forex trader as well as the founder of
Forever in Profit in addition to Wall Street Academy. Banks may be
considered a high earner from trading and his companies now, however, his
life was not always like this. Following investing one-thousand-dollars and
making eight-hundred-dollars profit within the first week Banks began
trading online and quit his job. Banks garnered an abundance of inspiration
from financial influencers on FaceBook that were making money through the
power that online platforms provide. Banks first took up flipping iPhones
to earn enough to pay his bills, however, Banks began to invest more and
more of his money into developing his knowledge of trading and investing.
This resulted in Banks garnering an abundance of expertise in this field,
which began to make Banks more successful and lucrative. Banks could be
considered as an amazing example of someone that utilized online platforms
to their advantage as well as constructed a large empire from merely his
laptop. If you are looking to follow in Banks’ footsteps and develop your
expertise regarding investment and trading, Cue Banks may be a legitimate
option as your coach. Banks’ expertise and experience may make him ideally
suited for your consideration.

5. Eric Bergman

Eric Bergman began his communications career as a government public
affairs officer in June, 1982, and wrote his first speech for a senior
government executive less than a year later. “It was a retirement speech,
so it was fairly low risk,” he says. “But I worked almost five hours to
craft that five minutes. I received a lovely note from the speaker, which I
still have.” Bergman left government in September, 1985, and set out on his
own as a freelance communications consultant. For the first ten years of
Bergman’s freelance career, he wrote hundreds of speeches for executives in
the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, earning local, national and
international awards for his work. As PowerPoint began taking the world by
storm in the early 1990s, he noticed that when the speeches he had written
were accompanied by slides, they were more difficult to listen to and
absorb than those without slides. In the year 1992, after he saw a
demonstration that separated the written word from the spoken word, and the
ensuing gain in communication effectiveness that resulted, he hasn’t looked
at presentations the same way since. For more than a quarter century,
people have asked why he doesn’t like slides. “In truth, I’m ambivalent
toward slides, but I believe in effective communication,” he says. “Slides
are not the presentation. The presenter is. I am an advocate of
presentations that can be so much more interesting, engaging and effective
when slides support the speaker, not the other way around.” Bergman holds a
bachelor of arts in communication studies and a two-year diploma in
advertising and public relations. He received designations as an accredited
business communicator (ABC) in 1991 and an accredited public relations
practitioner (APR) in the year 1993. In the year 2002, he was named a
master communicator (MC), which is the highest distinction that can be
bestowed on a Canadian member of the International Association of Business
Communicators. In 2015, he joined the College of Fellows of the Canadian
Public Relations Society (FCPRS).

7. Jason Stone

Jason Stone is an American entrepreneur and the founder of the social
media strategy firm Millionaire Mentor. Stone is widely known by
celebrities and almost two million people around the world as
@Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram. Stone has successfully launched multiple
6 and 7 figure Instagram and Internet platforms and is becoming a well
known social media influencer and marketer. Known for his e-commerce
success in the automotive industry in his early years with Treadstone
Performance Engineering, Inc., Stone is a mechanical engineer, real estate
investor, car enthusiast, and startup investor. Stone has Co-founded the
Impact Billions Movement and also created Gentlemen’s Mafia Instagram
network which culminates relationships and success among the thousands of
its members worldwide and utilizes his experience and passion as a
motivator, mentor, teacher, and social media influencer to help others
create success. Stone is one of few early adopters of the photo sharing
social media platform known as Instagram, which allowed him to build a
massive following before it became more difficult to do so. It is now
possibly one of his most valuable assets I would imagine. In the past
eighteen months alone, Stone aka Millionaire Mentor, who posts affiliate
marketing offers that he thinks would appeal to his target audience netted
a whopping $7 million in sales. That’s without ever selling his own product
or service. Simply put, it’s an astounding and astonishing number that
reveals the allure of becoming an influencer on a social media platform, as
well as the fact he probably receives a lot of free flights, hotels, tech
equipment etc. as an influencer. Now you might be thinking what kind of
opportunities have come his way from being an Instagram star. The one that
stood out the most involves one of his latest ventures he’s involved in
called Local Door Coupons. It’s a new business started in Florida, United
States of America in which Stone and his partners recently began to