How Can I File an Elmiron Lawsuit Claim?

A recent study has found a very troubling link between vision loss and the medication Elmiron. In the 2019 study, it was found that nearly 25% of all individuals studied had suffered visual damage as a result of taking the bladder pain medication.

If you believe you may have suffered visual damage from the use of Elmiron, you may be entitled to compensation. It would be wise to contact a dangerous drug lawyer immediately to discuss your case and determine your best course of action.

What are the Common Visual Symptoms Associated with Elmiron?

The bladder pain drug has been associated with myriad visual issues, primarily involving the retina. Visual loss, blurry vision, and visual field issues are common complaints in these patients and may be present in one or both eyes.

What is the Process for Filing a Lawsuit in an Elmiron Case?

Elmiron lawsuits have been grouped into what is known as “MDL” or multi-district-litigation cases. These types of cases are different from “Class Action Lawsuits” in that MDL cases take place in federal court and are made up of more than one lawsuit filed by different defendants rather than a single lawsuit involving a group of people.

This type of case has many nuances to it which is best navigated with the help of a dangerous drug lawyer. You should follow these steps if you believe you qualify for a settlement from Elmiron related visual issues:

  1. Contact a Dangerous Drugs Lawyer. Because of how new the findings are of the studies about the visual side effects of Elmiron, it is critical that you have an experienced legal professional assisting you to make sure that you get the most compensation to which you are entitled. After this step, you may follow a different order of events based on what your lawyer suggests but generally, you will next:
  2. Be Evaluated by a Qualified Medical Professional. In order to qualify for the settlement, you need to have a documented diagnosis of a visual issue. The documentation from your physician may also be critical later in your case, as it will show that you were taking Elmiron for long enough to qualify (the qualifying period for a settlement being:Patient must have been taking the medication for at least one year”).

The next steps will vary based on the advice of your attorney, but with the data from your medical exam, you will have solid evidence from which you can then move forward with your case, getting you closer to your settlement.

Final Thoughts

 It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but drug companies will sometimes create drugs that cause dangerous side effects. They have done so in the past and they will do so in the future. Regardless of whether it was an unforeseeable side effect that they never could have accounted for in the drug development process, or a deliberate oversight, these companies need to be held accountable.

Contact a dangerous drug lawyer today if you’ve experienced any visual side effects due to taking the drug Elmiron.

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