How Do CBD Products Make Your Health Feel?

Before trying (cannabidiol) CBD, people first want to know how it will make them feel. Primarily, most individuals want to know if this cannabinoid can intoxicate in the same way that (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC does.

While studies continue every day, researchers have found that CBD boasts a calming, relaxing result without the buzz or “high” associated with THC. While the cannabinoids are relatively identical in every other way, this is their only and distinct difference.

These are the two prominent cannabinoids in the cannabis genus, with CBD being most abundant in hemp species or “cannabis Sativa L.”

The compound means to support wellness with purported physical and mental benefits. Speaking of how CBD will make each individual feel, that will depend on your specific physical response and tolerance of the cannabinoid, the quality of the products you purchase, and your particular biology.

The effect can be more of broad speculation in that CBD behaves in the capacity of an “adaptogenic.” The compound then, by definition as an adaptogen, is an (quote) “agent that supports the body’s capacity to accommodate varied emotional and physical stressors.” (end quote)

It can then influence the body’s needs while at the same time promoting overall well-being. Open for guidance on safe CBD use.

Can You Feel (Cannabidiol) CBD?

Unlike (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC, CBD won’t give an intense euphoric “high” that many might anticipate since it’s a second cannabinoid from a species of the cannabis genus. However, it will provide you with an “effect” that you will feel in a sense.

With the vast range of products on the market, reaction time ranges from nearly immediately to as long as a couple of hours, depending on your chosen delivery method.

The indication is that the effect will be subtle. Still, you will notice a sense of calming and a reduction in stress and anxiety with your body coming to the point of relaxation, a slight air of euphoria.

The therapeutic benefits that are anecdotally expressed through varied studies, including a reduction in pain sensitivity, reduced inflammation, enhanced sleep patterns, and other advantages, require consistent dosing for a period of a few weeks as the compound accumulates in your system and based on numerous variables.

Aside from your specific biology and physical response, the product’s quality and the hemp-derived option you choose will make a difference in the effect. Each delivery responds in its own time, depending on how fast it reaches the bloodstream after administration. Let’s look.

●     CBD tinctures and oils

These are ingestible extracts with a high concentration either applied by spray or dropper. Placement goes under the tongue, where the substance stays in place for a matter of minutes so that it absorbs sufficiently into the capillaries.

Immediate swallowing will result in the cannabinoid passing through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream delaying the effect. The reaction will take effect as soon as 15 minutes to roughly 30 minutes by holding it in place.

●     Edibles and soft gels or capsules

You’ll find a vast array of products falling under the category of edibles. These products are ingested and need processing through the liver. Some of the items included in this category include:

  • Candy
  • Gummies
  • Beverages
  • Powders (dissolvable)
  • Baked desserts

Capsules and soft gels follow the same path as edibles, needing to go through the digestive system. Depending on the specific edible will determine the response time, but it can be as soon as 30 minutes to as long as an hour or more before you’ll notice an effect.

●     Smoking Whole Flower CBD-rich hemp buds

Smoking or vaping whole flower buds rich in the compound is becoming a popular option for many users. The effects are nearly immediate, with the cannabinoid going directly to the lungs and into the bloodstream. That means a reaction time of roughly 5 minutes at worst, but it should be instantly as a rule.

●     CBD Topicals

Creams, salves, balms, lotions fall into this category which is not intended for internal use. These are strictly applied to the skin with the CBD not reaching the bloodstream in these instances.

It is meant to work on a localized area of either skin conditions or muscle/joint aches, pains, and inflammation to aid the symptoms.

The effect is generally within roughly 10 and 20 minutes. When you’re dealing with an injury or an instance of inflammation, these can be significant, and the compound can take time to aid in reducing the symptoms.

Final Thought

Speaking of what CBD feels like on a grand scale, the compound boasts a slight euphoric result, a calming, almost peaceful mindset with relaxation for the body, albeit a sense of focus; nothing compared to the buzz or “high” intoxication that THC produces.

As far as how it would make a person feel for their specific condition, there are so many variables, including your particular biology, tolerance, the quality of the product you purchase, the product type you choose, and so much more.

Looking at each product type, as we did here, you can get a general idea of what is anticipated for the varied options, but that isn’t set in stone for the result you will undoubtedly have. There is much leniency with the response time and your reaction based on the variables.