How to Improve Your Gaming Experience at Home

Playing games is a fun way to relax, and is something you can do with friends online for a virtual catch-up. When you are isolating at home, gaming can be your connection to the outside world and relieve your boredom.

However, low-quality internet, slow speeds, and inferior technology can make your gaming experience more stressful than it should be. If you are looking to enhance your gameplay for these long spent days at home, consider these tips:

Upgrade Your Computer

Games are constantly improving as technology evolves, but your computer might not be keeping up. Improvements might be as simple as closing unnecessary applications and freeing up some space. Or, you might be able to replace your graphics driver or other hardware for a mini upgrade.

If you are unsure, an application such asĀ CanYouRunIt will perform a series of tests to determine whether your computer is up for the task of hosting your favorite game. The results will give you an indication of how urgent an upgrade is.

Your graphics card may also need an upgrade. GPU artifacting can manifest itself in ways such as strange lines in the distance, out of place looking textures, screen flashes, etc.

Check Your Ping

For faster gaming performance, your ping matters. Playing online does require speed. For smooth gameplay, a low ping is recommended. For example, a first-person shooter or car racing game should have a ping of less than 50 ms, and a massively multiplayer or real-time strategy game will ideally have a ping of less than 150 ms.

You can check your ping either in-game or with an internet ping test. If you aren’t getting the results you are looking for, try using supportive software such as Elite Gamer from Cox. This can reduce lag and automatically find the best server with the lowest ping.

Make a Space

To improve your gaming experience at home, you should try to create a dedicated space. You need a room or area that is free from distractions, with a comfortable, ergonomic chair. Consider adding accessories such as a high-quality pair of headphones with a microphone, and a sensitive gaming mouse.

For those who have other commitments during the day, you can schedule in time for gaming as a reward. This will help to break up the monotony of your routine and give you something to look forward to.

Reconsider Your Router

Did you know your router could be letting you down? Repositioning or upgrading your router could drastically improve the way you play. Look for a high bandwidth range, and if you need to boost performance, consider plugging your router directly into your computer via an ethernet port.

With a premium router, you may be able to prioritize certain devices and use a geo-filtering tool to find the server that is closest to you. If you are consistently experiencing lag and delays, you may like to contact your internet service provider to renegotiate your plan.

Efficient Gaming from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Gaming should be enjoyable and a way to relax, but when you encounter lag and slow gameplay it can ruin your experience. Consider checking your computer for any issues such as an inferior graphics card or unnecessary background applications, and make changes as required.

Create a comfortable space with an ergonomic workstation and the right accessories to enhance the in-game experience. Don’t forget to assess your ping to ensure you are connecting to the fastest server possible, and investigate whether your router is performing to its full potential.

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