How To Maintain A Healthier Oral Hygiene Through Mobile Apps

Keeping our teeth healthy takes a lifetime of dedication. If you want to maintain that beautiful smile with a full set of teeth, then there’s really no other choice but to stick to a regular oral hygiene routine. But, let’s admit it, sometimes, or even occasionally, some of us forget to brush our teeth.

But did you know that there are some out-of-the-box ways that you can do so that you won’t ever forget brushing those pearly whites? Yes indeed, and that involves the use of some cool mobile apps. If that got you interested, here are some twists that you can do to your daily brushing habits.

Jam To Your Favorite Brushing Music With A Toothbrush Timer App

It is recommended to brush the teeth three times a day. Some of us, however, do it only twice or even only once a day. The problem is not because we purposefully avoid brushing but because we lack the habit to do it repetitively once during the morning, noon, and evening. So what most of us really have to do is to build that habit of brushing regularly.

One solution to building that habit is to use free toothbrush timer apps. Admittedly, toothbrushing is a boring task. That’s why many people tend to hasten the process most of the time. But did you know that brushing should be done for a minimum of 2 minutes? Doing so effectively gets rid of all the dirt buildup not only on our teeth but also on the cheek, tongue, and gums. Using a toothbrush app, you can work on building a habit of toothbrushing for two minutes.

If you want your timer to be extra fun, why not try a toothbrushing application that could play some of your favorite music while counting down? Yes, there’s an app like that and it’s called Brush DJ. Check this app recommendation list that we found to see for yourself:

Top Apps to Remember to Brush Teeth & Keep Them Healthy

Gamify Toothbrushing to Acquire the Habit

They say that it takes 2 months for a habit to form. Two months is quite a long period to consistently be doing something and most people would tend to quit somewhere along the way, especially kids. One way to overcome this is to make the activity interesting enough. And what’s a more interesting activity for kids than playing games? Turning your daily activities, such as brushing, is one sure way to keep you motivated to consistently accomplish a task.

Habitica is one such app. With this app, kids will surely have fun accomplishing goals. This app is possibly one of the best toothbrushing apps for kids out there. But, the app is not only for kids. Adults can also use the app if they want to. On this app, you get an avatar which you will try to level up by completing goals and tasks. Some of the fun features that you could unlock include armors, pets, avatar skills, and even exciting quests. This app is totally cool and could become your kid’s brushing hero. Continuously use this app and you will be on your way to having optimum oral health.

Set A Dentist Appointment Through a Mobile App

Besides brushing, another thing that we should do to maintain healthy oral hygiene is to visit a dentist at least twice a year. It’s something that the dentist in roseville ca always tell dental patients, as the benefits are varied.

Most people only visit a dentist only when they need something to be fixed, perhaps getting a tooth fill or a tooth extraction. What you must realize is that visiting a dentist helps in preventing a bad tooth situation from becoming worse.

If you worry about going out of your way just to get to a dental clinic, well you’d be glad to know that there are dental expert apps nowadays where you can set an appointment using just your phone. Want a total teeth makeover? No problem, apps like Zocdoc can help you find the perfect dentist near your area. So, you shouldn’t have an excuse for why you can’t visit a dentist.


Toothbrushing is an ordinary task that doesn’t require much effort. Be that as it may, still, many people skip and forget brushing. If you’re that type of person, then you should be more serious in taking care of your oral health. The modern ways of maintaining healthy oral hygiene that we presented are just some of the fun things that you can do to make brushing interesting again.