How to Start Working Out at Gym

In addition to all your regular activities, how about adding one more habit of going to the gym in your sedentary lifestyle? Well, the thought of being stuck in a sweaty room with a bunch of other pumped-up humans does not sound very pleasant.

Having said that, if you are someone who has been thinking and researching for months that you should join a gym, you are technically giving excuses to yourself and running away from it. So here goes the biggest, self-evident, and effective suggestion in that regard: get a gym membership, talk through it, and JUST START.

Prepare Yourself to Get Sweaty

A gym is not about your physical fitness only. You will also have to be mentally prepared for the long-term experience, and here are a few things you can do to help yourself!

  • Invest in Workout Clothes

Consider this as a mental warm-up before starting the gym. Every work becomes more attractive when it has got some incentives attached to it.

Invest in some good workout outfits with your favorite pair of training shoes. Get the proper gym workout clothes available out there. In addition to that, buy yourself some more workout essentials like towels, water bottles, flip-flops, gym bags, and more.

  • Read about a Few Good Experiences and Benefits regarding Gym

What’s the first motivation that comes to your head while thinking about the gym? To stay fit or to maintain a good body shape maybe. But is that it?

How about learning some additional benefits that a gym might offer you.

Go and learn about some good life-changing experiences from your friends who have been going to a gym for longer periods. Re-read the last line; hear positive stories only.

Top Tips for Gym Beginners

Building a gym habit is quite an overwhelming thing to do. What to do after you got the membership? How to start it? A lot of questions might run in your head.

Below, we provide five essential tips to sort your dilemma and assist you to have a great workout experience at the gym.

1. How Many Days a Week Do You Want It?

We all know about those “go hard and hit” squads at the beginning who then say goodbye to the gym just after a few weeks. A gym is not about playing with equipment for a few days.

Be real to yourself, and think how much time you can actually spend there regularly. Better start it off for two days a week and gradually involve yourself more. Plan realistically so that you can actually continue it in the long term.

2. Consult with a Personal Trainer

It’s okay not to spent too much on a personal trainer if you don’t feel the need for it. But there is no reason to deny the need for a basic consultation.

As this is about your health, it’s better if you have proper backup knowledge on what you are going to do with yourself. Set up a counseling session with a health coach, and do your homework on the after effects of going to the gym.

3. Make Your Planner

It’s always better to have a proper plan than wandering aimlessly while doing anything. You should know the repercussions of it.

Take your favorite planner, and input what you have in your mind. Make an exercise chart before going to the gym, set how many days you would like to go to the gym, and input your weight-loss target or abs goals.

Write down everything as a schedule, and then go for it. Once you get habituated to it, everything will be put into its place automatically later.

4. Involve yourself in basic exercises at home before joining a gym

Not feeling ready yet to jump on the gym experience? Here is your trick. Buy some basic workout equipment for warm up at home before hopping into the gym.

It could be a pair of low-weight dumbbells, jump rope, or mat to do abs exercise.

A lot of us still have absolutely zero knowledge about how a gym works, which is nothing to be embarrassed about. But you see you will feel more confident about a new job when you will have absolute knowledge about it.

5. Choose a gym closest to your home

Being choosy is good, but don’t make the common mistake of choosing a gym far from your home. Save time and choose a gym nearest to your home.

The spark of going to the gym at the beginning vs. later one year sadly is not the same. Consider this another tip for sticking to the gym through a longer period.

How Much Do You Know about a Gym?

Those who have never had exposure to a gym or even got a little of it, it is important to learn about the gym equipment. There is cardio equipment like treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, stair climber, etc.

Know about the weight room machines. Also, teach yourself about the basic gym etiquettes and what you will need there.

Why Do You Want to See Yourself in the Gym?

We all love to run away from activities that involve physical movements enormously. Likewise, losing our motivation gives a more valid reason to permanently remove that habit out of life.

So, before starting the gym, make sure you keep an eye on these three things:

– Fix your motivation point.
– Set a gym goal.
– Make it a habit.

Now after going to the gym three weeks in a row, what if you want to give up and ask yourself why you are there. What’s the purpose of all this hard work?

The answer to that is this: rewind three weeks and stroll down your memory lane as to why you made the decision to go to the gym. Remind yourself about your motivations and your goals, and work on it harder! Do it in a way so that the workout blends in your regular habits.

For a Better Start, Make a Gym Buddy!

This is the best thing you could do to yourself to make your experience more exciting. Take your best friend with you to the gym and enjoy. You can also try a group fitness class.


Joining a gym for the first time might sound a very daunting task for loads of people. But once just after starting, you will always thank yourself for it. Don’t forget to tune in your favorite music and have fun at the gym!