Importance of Resources for Teaching or Learning Primary Mathematics

Resources such as maths worksheets are important when teaching or learning the subject, especially for primary school children. We all know that mathematics is a core subject that is applicable everywhere in life. Therefore, teachers and parents endeavour to teach primary mathematics effectively so that the children can grasp the concept well.

Resources are information materials such as worksheets fromĀ Cazoom Maths, curriculum-approved textbooks, and both physical and virtual manipulatives that are used to teach maths concepts. One can also use other resources such as money, nature, videos, games, 3D concepts, and more to teach mathematics to children.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or student and wondering why you should use maths resources to teach or learn primary mathematics, then this article will enlighten you.

Help Break Down Challenging Maths Concepts

As mentioned, maths is a core subject in primary education. To make the subject simpler and more enjoyable for children, most of the concepts must be broken down. All resources do this effectively in one way or another.

For instance, online worksheets provide mathematics questions and answers to primary school children so they can practice every topic they learn in school such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, among others.

Help Make Maths Enjoyable

If you have introduced games, puzzles, and 3D maths manipulatives to a primary school child, then you know how they enjoy using them to learn mathematics. Most of the primary school maths resources are designed to make both teaching and learning very enjoyable.

For instance, the colourful 3D concepts on a tablet entice the children to learn more and more. Likewise, the games are fun for the teachers, parents, and children.

Help Children to Solve Real Life Problems

Many mathematics resources help primary school children gain knowledge and skills to handle various real-life problems. After all, mathematics is applicable in every aspect of life. Some of the most important real-life topics covered by maths resources include the identification of symbols, reading a clock and watches, counting money, and more.

From such knowledge, it is easy for primary school teachers or parents and children to have a saving project in a piggy bank and keep track of every cent that goes in and out of the saving scheme thanks to various resources.

Help Children to Collaborate

Many maths resources promote teamwork in solving various challenges. Although one can learn on their own, many encourage some form of collaboration. For instance, some online worksheets can allow children to work as a team or compete with others.

This is also the same with games and puzzles as well as many other manipulatives. Most primary school children who are used to maths resources are great team players and also enjoy healthy competition to come up with greater solutions.


To sum it up, it is worth mentioning that using maths resources to teach or learn primary mathematics is very essential. It has the benefits we have just discussed and many more that you will discover when you start using them. Therefore, this is the right time to introduce such resources to your children. Do not wait longer.

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