Make Your Business’s Profile Photo Stand Out with These Tips

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of social media marketing, it can also be worth a few thousand followers. Research has shown that image-based content consistently outperforms posts that use text alone for viewer engagement. However, with up to 49% of businesses now using visual content as their primary social media marketing tool, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to rise above the digital noise.

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to grab prospective customers’ attention the moment they land on your social media or directory listing profiles. An easy way to do this is with a striking profile picture.

Here are five tips to create a profile photo that really stands out.

1. Use a high-quality image

Blurry and unfocused pictures will instantly damage the credibility of your brand. In 2023, technology has evolved to the point that you no longer need a DSLR camera to take professional headshots for your business. However, if you’re using a smart phone, invest in a tripod to ensure your images are crisp and focused. Always upload high resolution images to prevent distortion or quality loss on bigger screens.

2. Learn to edit

If you’re taking your own photos for your company Facebook profile picture, take a crash course in Photoshop or an editor of your choice. Taking a good photo is the first step but editing can help you really refine your image. You can sharpen your photo, edit out any stray hairs or blemishes and even increase colour saturation to make your images pop and draw the eye. Good editing can make even a small-to-midsized business look like a fortune-500 company.

3. Match your branding

The type of profile picture you take should reflect your brand’s overall voice. For example, if you’re representing an insurance firm, a classic headshot with a plain white background may produce the sense of authority and authenticity your client base is looking for. However, if your brand sells party favours, a risqué photo of a bride blowing up an adult-themed balloon might not be out of place!

One tip is to check out your competitors’ social media profiles to gauge what is appropriate in your industry, then push the limits a little to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

4. Inject creativity and humour

Research has shown that using humour in your posts and images can be a huge contributing factor in whether your content goes viral or not. This occurs because prospective customers and existing fans are more likely to share, retweet and otherwise engage with funny or creative content. This, in turn, acts as a signal boost for your brand and increases your following.

When using humour in your visual marketing content, keep it consistent with your brand identity. For inspiration, check out the social media pages of businesses that have already gained a lot of love online for their cheeky posts, such as Wendy’s.

 5. Keep things Simple

Sometimes, less is more. A clear, brightly coloured logo can be a great choice for a profile picture. Large, crisp typography will stand out better than team photos on smaller devices and also help your audience quickly identify your brand at just a glance. Using the same logo on all your social media profiles can also help to keep things cohesive across platforms and imprint your brand identity in consumer’s minds.

By using the five tips above and monitoring your engagement metrics, you can almost instantly improve your stakeholder engagement and strengthen your brand identity online.