Philophobia: The Fear of Falling in Love or Being in Love

philophobiaThere are lots of phobias or fears that are possible for you to experience. All of these phobias can have different causes and reasons. But, you can also treat it or recover from a particular fear by having consultations with professionals and using other procedures. One of the rarest fears that a human can have is Philophobia. This type of phobia is actually the fear of falling or of being in love. Since it is unusual, only a few people have this fear.

Just like any other phobias or fears, there are lots of causes of Philophobia and they come with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, air hunger, panic attacks and more. Overcoming this phobia can be very simple as there are lots of available therapies offered by professionals.

Being in love or falling in love is common with every person in the world, however, if you have this phobia, you will feel far less attraction or emotion towards other individuals. If you think you might be someone that suffers from Philophobia and are afraid to be in love, then it is very advisable for you to consult a professional and get further advice. Philophobia can also be referred to as ‘love fear’ or fear of having an emotional connection with other people.