Pilgrimage and Crusade

The Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner began as a pilgrimage to the Christkindlmarkt-SLC 2018. I was laid off from my job with the Bureau of Land Management in October because of a downsizing. I was back on the job search as a result. The Republican Party suffered a disastrous defeat in the 2018 Elections. My future did not look very bright as an unemployed young professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

I set Saturday, December 1st aside as my day for my personal pilgrimage to the Christkindlmarkt-SLC 2018. A dense, heavy fog descended and covered the Salt Lake Valley in the morning as I set out on the last day of Christkindlmarkt. I walked through Downtown Salt Lake and down State Street to 800 South. I walked East along 800 South past 1300 East to Sunnyside Avenue. I walked the final stretch past Foothill Drive to Christkindlmarkt at “This is the Place” Heritage Park.

Christkindlmarkt-SLC was everything I have seen online and everything I anticipated it to be. It turned out better than I expected and imagined it to be. I reconnected with my German ethnic identity at Christkindlmarkt. I felt I was naturally home, where I was supposed to be. Time seemed to have been nonexistent for me in the idyllic community environment as I lost all sense of direction, taken in by my surroundings.

The pilgrimage to the Christkindlmarkt-SLC 2018 led to a new idea. The new idea translated into the start of a new political blog. The new idea and the new political blog led to and translated into a new political crusade. My pilgrimage to Christkindlmarkt-SLC 2018 led to the establishment of the Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner.

I started my blog, Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner on New Years Eve 2018. My new blog was a new outlet for me. It provided a new drive for me. It provided a new purpose for me. I regularly wrote for and published posts on my blog when I started. The Volksdeutsch Amerikaenr Republikaner was soon part of my personal brand and part of my personal identity. It was soon my professional brand. It turned into my professional identity.

I launched and established the Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner to reconnect with my German ancestral background. I started to reconnect with my German ethnic identity. But, the Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner has to do with more than just my German roots and more than just my German kin. My bigger reason was to begin a political crusade for the German ethnic culture and everything that’s important to the German kin.

It is a political crusade for liberty, family, and individuality. It is a political crusade for Natural Law and the Natural Order. But, most importantly, above all, the Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner is a political crusade for a better world, and especially most important of all, reconnecting with divinity.

Humanity is divine. We are divine beings of divine origin with a divine identity. We each possess a divine nature and possess divine potential. We have a divine destiny and a divine purpose. We were each born and created for and with a unique divine purpose. This is what I celebrate with the Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner.

So, I encourage my readers here to visit my blog and read more of what I have written, https://andrewlangford.doodlekit.com/. I encourage you to join with the Volksdeutsch Amerikaner Republikaner in a pilgrimage to divinity and a crusade for a better world for humanity.