Proofreading Jobs from Home is currently offering exciting proofreading jobs from home and the possibility to work from home. We offer the freedom for you to choose your own hours, which can create an easier and more stress-free lifestyle. Imagine being able to set your own schedule and be your own boss in the comfort of your own home. This kind of flexibility can become a reality and provide security in this age of uncertainty. You can change your hours from week to week, increasing from just a few hours to full-time work every day. This kind of freedom is seldom offered in any type of regular employment.

As we currently live in a world that is dominated by business conducted on the Internet, a regular home-based income is an invaluable asset to any academically inclined individual. Earning a part- or full-time guaranteed income, while avoiding any problems with travelling to and from a location of employment, is an obvious extraordinary advantage. provides work for those who are physically disabled and those who live in rural areas where reliable transportation is a real concern, perhaps due to a lack of availability or continual or sporadic inclement weather. This, of course, in turn saves on costly travel expenses and the need to secure reliable transportation. An added benefit that many of our employees might not immediately realize is that this automatically reduces their carbon footprint, transferring the savings to the environment.

As little financial input is needed beyond a good computer and a dependable internet connection, which most households already have, it makes sense to acquire a position that is so readily available and so easy to maintain. All training is provided by, and we instil the abilities necessary to allow proofreaders to become skilled and proficient editors who are confident and capable of yielding perfected drafts of scholarly documents. As most readers, experienced editors and proofreaders are avid writers in various academic fields already, a position with can help to improve writing skills as well as allowing individuals to become more proficient in revising documents. This is a major benefit of working for a chance to be paid to increase writing, editing and proofreading skills. Another incredible benefit of this job is the opportunity to be paid for staying informed and up to date in the latest research and investigative trends in your own chosen academic field.

Remuneration is £6 ($8.50 USD) per 1,000 words for editing and proofreading draft documents. offers regular weekly pay for work conducted within a specified and previously agreed time period. We guarantee regular pay for work undertaken. This in an opportunity that cannot be missed for academically-inclined people searching for regular employment or additional income.

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