Simple Steps on How to Choose A Nasal Aspirator

Before babies build their immune system, they need their parents to protect them from everyday sickness which occurs in the first few years. Often, babies suffer from nasal congestion caused by dry air, viruses like cold, teething-related congestion, or allergens and irritants, resulting in a cranky and uncomfortable baby. Babies cannot blow their noses; therefore, they need the nasal aspirator to clear the sensitive lining of a dry nose. The excellent suction strength is 58Kpa- not too strong, not weak, safe for the infant. There are two types of nasal aspirators: manual and motorized. Before you pick either of them, here are some things to consider:


Choosing an effective nasal aspirator makes the experience more enjoyable for both you and your baby. You should look for something that does not hurt your baby from shops like Snotty Noses but cleans efficiently, removing mucus from deep in those tiny little passages. Some aspirators are even quiet enough to use while the baby is sleeping. Nobody likes it when their noses are being suctioned; therefore, you should limit the number of times you use this method.


It would help if you washed the jar, dropper, and bulb syringe using warm water mixed with soap exactly after each use. Different models are washed differently; therefore, you should read the manual carefully to find the right solution. Failure will result in risking your baby’s health by exposing him to bacteria. First-time parents might encounter some minor difficulties, but once they get the hang of it, they become snot-sucking pros in no time.


An aspirator comes with a mouthpiece, tubing attached to a syringe-like tube with a narrow open tip, and disposable filters. Always go for the premium aspirators that come with extra inclusions like thermometers, nail clippers, or a complete sniffle kit. The human suction aspirator has sponges that absorb the mucus and prevent it from going to the parent’s mouth. It needs replacing, so you should include spares.


There are three different kinds of baby aspirator models. The first one is the nasal bulb aspirator which has a narrow end for inserting into the baby’s nose and a large bulb end which you squeeze to create suction. You cannot control the suction force, and there’s fear of bacteria remaining in the bulb. The second one is the human suction aspirator and this works by inserting one end of a tube into the baby’s nostrils and sucking on the other end some people do prefer it. The electric aspirator is the easiest and most reassuring to use since it can adjust the suction depending on the thickness of the mucus.

At companies such as snotty noses, you will only find the motorized aspirator, and unlike manual, they are convenient in terms of constant strong suction making the snot removal quick and easy. As a parent, you should always go for something easier to use and affordable. It would be best if you went for something tested and registered by the international medical board.