Telehealth Options for Individuals with Autism

The world is rapidly changing, and although many wish we could go back to the way things were, it’s important that we take the time to ensure we’re not leaving out people with autism.  Telehealthcare for people with autism is vital because it ensures their care can continue while also offering as few changes in their daily patterns as possible.

Why Telehealth is Awesome for Autism

Telehealth may seem like a huge transition that can take time to get used to: but fortunately, most individuals in recent years have experience with screens and video calls. In addition, telehealth calls can be done with a professional and in a group setting to interact with other people with autism.

The best part of telehealth is that there’s predictability with this.  They get to sit in a safe space in their own home and see the same professionals every week.  This is useful for kids and adults who need autism services because most schedules and clear plans are required.

Play Therapy

Play therapy for children with autism allows them to learn to understand how to play creatively and change how they approach this time.  The average child with autism is more likely to focus on the parts of a toy instead of the whole toy and may have trouble expressing how they want to play or what matters most to them.

In telehealth play therapy, they can still play and talk through their plans and actions.  Medical professionals can request that the child has a set of toys only for these sessions and talk them through play while also taking the time to learn about the child.

Virtual Integrated Groups

Interacting with other people with autism is important because although we can intellectualize play and understand the importance of it: we’re also less likely to enjoy it as freely and fun as a child would.

Virtual integrated groups ensure that people with autism get to interact with others, learn with them, and play despite it being digital.  This can help them form friendships, understand other people better, and also understand themselves better.

Virtual ABA Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on training people with autism to feel positive about specific behaviors that will help them do better in society.  There are multiple types of ABA therapy, but each can be completed digitally with the help of a professional.

This is also useful for parents because you’ll get to see and learn every single tool as your child is taught, which will help you continue the therapy at home with them. At the same time, individuals who use it can benefit just as much.

Your Child’s Mental Health is Paramount

Living in these rough changing times can be stressful for anyone, but this is even harder for individuals with autism.

We want our kids to be healthy and happy and continue learning and thriving despite everything going on in the world.  Because of this, telehealth options are amazing for kids, and they deserve the best they can get!