The Benefits of Investing

Investing is a very good way to double your savings these days. Some people have already developed to the point where they live off it! However, there are also pros and cons to it, for both amateurs and advanced investors. I explain all that in this article!

What is investing?

Investing is a broad term for investing money. So the goal is to get more money out of it than what you invest in it. This is how you make money with investing. You can invest in bonds, stocks or mutual funds, for example.

Many people think that investing takes a lot of money, time and experience. However, this is not true! You too, whatever you do, can invest. Do you find it difficult? Then there are plenty of manuals you can get (for free) by taking the 1st steps.

The Trading Navigator Method

The Course

The Trading Navigator course is an enormously comprehensive course with videos, checklists, summaries and much, much more! Everything is really explained step by step. The 6 week course contains a new topic every week, so there is plenty of time to cover it. One week it is about proven stocks and the other week it is about sell signals, EVERYTHING is nicely explained!

Another advantage is that when you buy the Trading Navigator Method, you’ll have access to it for life. So you can learn as long as you want. Ideal right? At your own pace. And if you still have questions, then of course there’s still the community to go to with all your questions! In addition, you can also go via e-mail and there are question and answer sessions with investment experts.

The software

The Trading Navigator Software is a software which automatically helps you to send buy and sell signals. It is possible to analyze the market in 5 minutes with this software!

As soon as the software indicates that there is a rising trend, you get into the market. They call it ‘long’ and as soon as you step out of a market it is called ‘short’. It’s not that difficult, is it?

So you check the market every week in 5 minutes, if the trend is rising then you step in (long), if it is falling then you step out (short).

This simple strategy has resulted in a return of 20.6% per year in 26 years!

Advantages of investing

Higher return

Nowadays saving money on a savings account doesn’t yield anything anymore, which is why many people start investing. With the Trading Navigator you can achieve a return of 20,6%. That’s really a lot! The average person who starts out without knowing anything about it might be able to get 10% out of it. But the more the better, right? Of course, this also depends on how far you spread your investments on the market. By spreading you reduce your risk.

Passive income

Just like with a savings account, you also receive dividends when investing. However, you never know how much it is and it is usually paid annually. But of course it provides a nice extra income! Investing goes without saying, provided that the prices rise.

If it still takes too much time for you, then you can also let a manager who knows about investing do it. But remember that this person has to be paid.

You can always stop, but…

The advantage of investing in a stock market is that you can always stop whenever you want. You can just withdraw your money when you need it. However, there is also 1 disadvantage to this. If you do that all at once, you may have to sell your shares at a loss. So even if you invest, it’s useful to always keep money in the savings account.

Disadvantages of investing

Everything has its disadvantages. So I also give disadvantages of investing. Maybe it’s nothing, but I will explain them to you.

It takes time!

If you start investing without knowing anything about it, it takes a lot of time to get the hang of it. Think about how you’re going to do it and which bank or broker you want to use. It is really important to read up before you start and maybe lose money because of mistakes.

It is really important that you start prepared. It doesn’t cost any money, request several tutorials! And if you do want to invest money for something guaranteed to help, request a course from The Trading Navigator Method. It’s an investment but it’s guaranteed to help you for a 20.6% return!

You may lose money

I think this is one of the biggest disadvantages of investing; you can lose money. Not if you leave your money in your savings account for interest. But unfortunately losing money is sometimes a risk you have to take, to win money. If you don’t want to take a risk, you won’t make money investing, very simple. However, this risk will be less with The Trading Navigator Method because you will be properly educated.

Nobody has a crystal ball

We can all see the returns of past years, however, we don’t have a crystal ball to see what will happen in the future. The Trading Navigator method does give you a lot of insight into it, allowing you to invest in the right way. But still it can be disappointing, even if they help you. I’m not saying it will happen, but you should always keep it in mind. You need time to make up for your losses.

Some people also sell their shares right away when they have made losses. Don’t do that! There are always peaks and troughs, usually a stock price will rise after it has fallen. However, you never know when.

Investing is therefore for a longer period of time, assume 2 to 5 years.