Tips to take care of your skin

People struggle a lot with their skin because we all want glass skin that looks super hydrated. We all desire a skin that looks like we drink a gallon of water each day. However, wishing for good skin will not make you achieve your goal. It takes time, effort and consistency to achieve healthy glowing skin. No matter how hard we deny the fact, the real reason behind good skin is diet. A person who eats nutritious food and supplements has good skin. However, we cannot change our genetics; if you have good genes, then you will have good skin no matter what.

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How to achieve good skin?

1. Hydration

We all are probably sick of listening to people ranting about the importance of water. Sometimes, people only try drinking water for one day and then give up because they do not see any significant results. With anything in life, consistency is super important. On the other hand, water helps in cleansing your gut and eliminating toxins from your body. Many popular brands make water-based hydrating creams that help in externally providing the moisture you need. If you have oily skin, then it is essential to choose water-based moisturizers or serums rather than oil-based ones.

2. Follow a basic routine

People invest in expensive skincare products that do not work for them the way they want them to. It is crucial to analyze your skin and do your research before investing in a skincare product. On the other hand, you must try to keep your skincare as basic as possible. People follow a CTM (Cleanse Tone Moisturize) routine, which is all you need. Wash your face morning and night thoroughly with a mild cleanser every day. Use a natural toner and follow with a moisturizer both AM and PM.

3. Exfoliate

Our skin is exposed to numerous pollutants and free-radicals each day. Washing your face every day undoubtedly helps, but it is essential to exfoliate once a week. However, a person must select a mild exfoliator for themselves if they have sensitive skin. There are chemical exfoliants also available in the market that gently remove the dead skin layer. AHA and BHA are the hot topics of the town as they can melt off dead skin effortlessly. Before you choose any exfoliator, do a patch test and see how your skin reacts to it.

4. Apply home-made masks

Face masks are the most overrated yet the most underrated thing. With the skincare industry getting more prominent, people are increasingly relying on ready-made masks for a  quick skin fix. However, home-made masks do wonder for a person’s skin, especially in the long-run. If you are looking for natural and sustainable skincare, then you must raid your kitchen cabinet. Gram flour, honey, and milk concoction are the best in removing dark spots and pigmentation from your skin. There are several such mask recipes available online that are easy to make and show exceptional results. However, a person must not use a face mask every day. A face mask once or twice a week is more than enough to maintain supple skin.

5. Use medicated products

The beauty industry is skyrocketing, and people are increasingly becoming beauty enthusiasts. You may find some of the products appealing despite having a bank-breaking price. People spend hundreds of dollars to get rid of a few marks and zits. However, it is necessary to understand that ingredients in a skincare matter, not the packaging price. You can get such great products at the pharmacy in their purest form. You need to do your research and look for ingredients that will help enhance your skin.

6. Let your skin breath

While it is great to dry different remedies and products, it is essential to let your skin breathe. Excessive skincare and layering different kinds of products can lead to acne or breakouts. If you are struggling with your skin, then let your skin be for a while. Do not apply any product for a few days. Use a mild face wash and a non-comedogenic moisturizer; you will genuinely notice a considerable difference.

Final verdict

Every person’s skin is different, and you cannot try celebrity skincare and expect your skin to become flawless. It takes a lot of trial and error before you find the right products for your skin. Hence, stay patient and consistent to see improvements in your skin.