What Are the Best Ways to Advertise Your Business?

Here’s a number for you: $455 Billion. That’s the money businesses spent on advertising last year. Here’s another number: $645 Billion. That’s the prediction for what the advertising world will look like in two years.

What does this tell us? It tells us that advertising works. Businesses choose to spend their marketing money on ads and plan on spending more each year.

So now is the right time to start advertising before the competition heats up. If you are unfamiliar with the options available, here are our top ways to advertise your business.

Google PPC Ads

Depending on the keyword, getting a top spot on a Google search page could bring you thousands of hits a day. Thousands of visitors are what every entrepreneur needs when growing a business.

But achieving an organic result takes time and effort, and in many cases, months or years. That’s why many businesses choose to opt for a paid listing instead. These are the “ad” listings at the top of any Google search page.

To get started on Google, research the most popular keywords used by your target customer. Consider long-tail keywords that will often be less competitive, which means your ad cost per click will be lower.

Learn more about Google PPC ads

Facebook PPC Ads

Social media advertising gets you in front of millions of highly targeted leads. The biggest platform is Facebook, and that platform also powers Instagram advertising.

The best feature of Facebook ads is that they offer many targeting options. You can target demographics, behavior (similar ads they’ve shown interest in), and interests.

That makes an excellent response to your ad more likely. You’ll only show it to people who will probably have some interest in what you’re selling.

You might wonder whether Facebook is superior to Google for your business. Here’s a guide on whether Facebook or Google ads are the best choice for you.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the earliest types of online advertising but are still highly effective. And if you approach a blog directly for banner space, you might be able to negotiate a low price for that ad space.

Websites will display banner ads to everyone who clicks on that page, whether or not they are your target customer.

So the most effective way to use banner advertising is to focus on niche blogs that align with your product or service offering.

Sponsored Blog Posts

If you don’t like the idea of creating the branding and design for a banner ad, there is an easier way to advertise on blogs. That’s through a sponsored blog post.

Sponsored blog posts involve paying the website owner a fee. They will then write about your product or service in a blog post (and link to it).

Sponsored blog posts are an excellent way to get high-quality backlinks. That boosts your SEO, helping you achieve small business success on a tiny budget.

The Best Ways to Advertise Your Business

The best thing about digital advertising is that it offers you numerous ways to advertise your business, offering huge potential. Your job is to create a winning campaign that will woo your audience.

How can you win over your audience? If you enjoyed this post, head to our business section for more ideas.