What Causes Social Anxiety in a Child?

A child is a pure soul and like a neat canvas for parents to instill their values. Parenthood holds a different meaning for everyone, and it has a significant impact on a child. When we are at the developmental stage, we learn a lot of things from our parents. A lot of things we pick up are from our surroundings. We need to have a positive outlook on things since childhood to stay in the right mind frame. However, anxiety is a mental disease that can develop over time. Parents should always pay attention to their child’s wellbeing.

What is the root cause of social anxiety? Many children and even adults go through social anxiety for a variety of reasons. The leading cause of child social anxiety can be abuse, parent’s strictness, shyness, etc. A lot of parents think that being strict with their children will tame them. While this may work in a lot of situations, some children have an adverse effect. Moderation is the key when it comes to any crucial moment in life. A parent must allow their children to have fun, yet be strict with them when necessary.

Cause of social anxiety in children

What do I do if my child has social anxiety? Many children avoid going out in public due to shyness. However, there can be some severe reasons for this, such as genes, abuse, and trauma. A child must have a seamless childhood as it lays a perfect foundation for their personality. Child anxiety is widespread, and some parents do not pay attention to this. We all love to have parents that are understanding and loving. However, some of us may not have the privilege to have such a blessing in life. Let’s have a quick look at the reason for child anxiety:

1. Abuse

How do you know if your child has anxiety? Some symptoms indicate child anxiety, such as shyness to go out in public or toying with hands. However, some children are brilliant at hiding their fear.

It is the parent’s responsibility to extract the root cause and determine if their child has anxiety. Many parents have superficial expectations of their children, where they think their child has no mental issues. It is necessary to take your child down from the pedestal and understand the ground issues.

Abuse is one of the reasons that can restrict a child’s growth and personality development. You never know what your child goes through if you do not have a significant relationship with them. Some children have friends who abuse them from time to time.

Parents can also be abusive with their children and act harshly around them. The sadist behavior of parents is prevalent. Parents think that it is their responsibility to correct their child’s every mistake. While this is necessary, you may use gentle ways to handle your child and make them learn politely.

2. Bullying

What happens if social anxiety is left untreated? Well, many underlying causes lead to social anxiety. It is essential to get to the root cause and extract a reason why your child feels this way. Every child is different, and their struggle with friends and school is unique as well.

Bullying is quite common, especially in primary school or high school. We do not understand the power of kids and how their mind works. Bullying, especially in the western part of the world, is pretty common. It negatively affects the mentality of a child and how they will be when they grow up.

In the case of bullying, parents need to play a pivotal role. Many children do not let their parents know that they are struggling at school. They deal with the bullying issue silently until it gets unbearable. The consequences of bullying are not pleasant, and it leads a child to feel socially awkward.

If social anxiety in children is not addressed, they will remain like that all their life. Social interaction is essential, and it is one of the primary growth promoters. Parents or guardians must always try to reach the root cause and fix the issues.

3. Trauma

Trauma is something that is mentally overpowering and clouds the mind of a person. It is a horrific event in life that may affect a person long-term. Trauma can be big or small, yet it has a significant effect on a person’s mental health.

Trauma is not something that you get over quickly if it is a life-changing one. Sometimes, you need a therapist or medication to help you heal. On the other hand, every person has a diverse functionality and coping mechanism. You must always keep a lookout for your child and help them heal.

How to help a child with social anxiety?

1. Introduce them to other children

A child with social anxiety is bound to avoid gathering, even if it’s a birthday party. It is essential to give a child their space, but at the same time, pushing them is also vital. We all like our comfort zone and things that comfort us.

A child mostly likes to stay in their comfort zone; however, it restricts growth chances. You must lightly push your child to get out of their comfort zone and interact a bit. You can enroll them in activity sessions to get them to socialize.

2. Natural supplements

Natural supplements can work like magic when it comes to any health issues. We do not hear about natural supplements for anxiety often. However, CBD and Delta-8 are amongst natural supplements that can make you feel fit mentally. CBD tincture is a form of CBD that is easy to consume and shows faster results.

We all want to have inadequate mental space, especially if we’re going to grow and succeed. Delta 8 THC wholesale price is readily available locally. You can incorporate both things into your child’s routine to make them feel enthusiastic.

3. Talk to them

Some parents are bad at giving their children time that they deserve in the developmental stage. It is so important to have a great bond with your children that you cherish and rely upon. The key to building this relationship is to communicate with them.

You should talk to your child and ask them about their struggle without pressing too much on the matter. There is a way to establish a bond with your child without overstepping boundaries. You must always try to indulge in games and fun activities with your child. Lastly, you should try to make them confide in you.

4. Physical activity

There is an excellent connection between physical and mental health. When you pay attention to your physical health, your mental health starts improving automatically. If you feel like your child is socially awkward, you must introduce them to sports.

Sports is a smart way to make your child interact with other kids and remain physically fit. Most children have social anxiety growing up, which they automatically tackle. However, parents must guide their children on the right path and motivate them.

Some children have the worst child social anxiety that they even refuse to go to school. In such cases, seeking professional advice seems like a great idea. You must always try to communicate and make things better.