What is it like to live in Taos, New Mexico?

Taos is a town that boasts a rich culture, diversity, and stunning scenery. It is the kind of place that is modern and progressive, offering all of the amenities you need, while still retaining the charm of a small town. Taos has an impressive mountain backdrop and locals can take their pick of a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Add that to the thriving local music scene and a range of restaurants, and you have got yourself a pretty great place to live!

Taos, New Mexico, USA at Rio Grande Gorge Bridge over the Rio Grande at dusk.

Taos has also become a popular tourist town given all it has to offer. Here is some information you should know about planning your trip to Taos, New Mexico.

Weather in Taos

The weather in Taos is quite cool for 6 months of the year, with the town experiencing cold winters. Taos in summer is very pleasant with July and August seeing the warmest weather. That being said, the best time to visit is typical during the shoulder season where you will experience mild weather without having to brave the crowds of summer. For instance, the weather in Taos, NM in October is typically warm with a low chance of rain, but there will be fewer tourists during this time.

Planning a trip to Taos, New Mexico

There is always a lot to consider when planning a trip: dates, accommodation, how to get there. The last one might be relatively easy for residents of the USA who live close by to Taos or simply need to get on a short domestic flight to reach their destination. No long-haul flights, no currency exchange, and no border control.

International travelers, on the other hand, will need to plan for all of these things. One of the most important things to prepare for international travel is your passport and other entry requirements. In the case of entry into the USA, entry requirements are likely to include either an ESTA or a visa. A USA ESTA visa is an electronic pre-entry check that takes the place of a visa. It is only applicable to people who belong to countries that are members of the Visa Waiver Program and therefore do not need to obtain a visa to travel to the USA. If you do not belong to a country that is a member of this program, different requirements apply to you and you will likely need to get a visa. It is best to do your research, so you understand what entry requirements you need to adhere to.

Filling out an ESTA form is easy and is done online. You will be asked to verify your identity with some personal details, then some questions that relate to your planned travel. It is recommended that you get an ESTA well before your departure date. This way should any problems arise, you will have enough time to get them sorted in time for your departure. Nobody wants to find themselves at the airport without the necessary paperwork!

Where to eat in Taos, New Mexico

Whether you are local to Taos or simply in town for a vacation, you will want to know where the good food is. Here is a list of restaurants for every meal that will delight your tastebuds.

Best breakfast in Taos

A delicious breakfast (or brunch) is such a great way to start the day and you get the choice of both sweet and savory dishes!

  • Gutiz – This brunch place offers a tantalizing combination of French, Cajun, and New Mexican dishes. With everything from mouth-watering crepes to tasty sausages, you will not leave disappointed!
  • Michael’s Kitchen and Restaurant – You know that a place is good when it is a local favorite. Michael’s Kitchen and Restaurant offers a family-friendly dining experience and has a huge menu that will keep even the fussiest of eaters happy.
  • Tao’s Diner – This diner brings relaxed vibes and all your favorite breakfast dishes. Make sure to try the breakfast burrito.

Best lunch in Taos

For a sit-down meal or lunch on the go, these places will ensure you have the fuel to continue exploring Taos.

  • Lambert’s of Taos – This restaurant offers modern American food in an upscale environment. Try to land a table on the patio for a real treat.
  • La Cueva Cafe – Get your fill of traditional Mexican dishes at La Cueva. The ceviche is particularly popular!
  • Bent Street Cafe & Deli – Looking for a sandwich? You cannot go past this cafe that offers a whole range of specialty sandwiches to appease your appetite.

Best dinner in Taos

Taos has plenty of restaurants for the perfect dinner, regardless of the occasion.

  • The Love Apple – Have a special Mexican dinner in an old church with all meals using seasonal produce.
  • Sushi Siam Taos – This sushi place has been said to be the best in town, so make sure you check it out if you get a craving for sushi.
  • Doc Martin’s Restaurant – This fancy restaurant is perfect for a special occasion or memorable night out on your vacation. You will even have live jazz performed in the background.

Things to do in Taos

Now you know where to eat in Taos, let us look at all the things you can do to fill your days. Your vacation is guaranteed to be unforgettable!

  • Admire the exhibitions at Harwood Museum of Art
  • Get some fresh air at Kit Carson Park
  • Browse the beautiful Native American jewelry at Milicent Rogers Museum
  • Explore the historic district in downtown Taos
  • Try your luck at the Taos Mountain Casino

Things to do in Taos Ski Valley

The Taos Ski Valley is a popular ski resort in Taos County. Whether you visit in winter or summer, there are plenty of things to do.

  • Enjoy the scenery from the chairlift
  • Get your heart racing on the slopes
  • Have a meal at a cozy restaurant
  • See the mountain with a snowmobile tour
  • Go fishing