What is the Best Free PDF Splitter: Necessity, Selection Criteria, Application

Why do I need a PDF splitter? Users use it to split long documents into two or more parts. Sometimes it is very important to do and you need to have this possibility. In this case the situation does not depend on the size of the files. As a result, each of them becomes easier to manage. In the first step users choose a special program (paid or free).

Five Popular PDF Splitter

The first popular program is PDFPlatform. This tool is suitable for selecting files in PDF format. It can be used by different organizations. There are two options for separating documents. The first is by the number of top-level tabs. The second is the number of pages. Users choose this software because of its ease of use and intuitive interface. Other advantages include:

  • the versatility of the software;
  • operation on popular devices;
  • availability of a free demo version.

The second option is Adobe Acrobat. This programme is used for simple and fast processing of documents. In addition to creating PDF, it also allows you to work with PDF in a number of ways:

  • extraction;
  • amalgamation;
  • division;
  • signing;

The disadvantage is the lengthy PDF selection process. Users have to decide on one of several options. The main criteria include the maximum file size, the number of top-level bookmarks or pages. Advantages consists of:

  • the user-friendliness of the interface;
  • the usefulness of the programme;
  • advanced features.

Unfortunately, it is not without its disadvantages. The programme is not free of charge. All processes take time to complete. Sometimes it is longer than you expect. That is why there are other tools for using. You can choose the best suitable for you.

The third tool is PDF Merger & Splitter, a free software for splitting or merging documents. It can be used to review pages for timely correction of errors. The advantages are the simple interface and the demo version. The software is compatible with computers and mobile phones. The disadvantages include minimal features and the possibility of malfunctions.

The fourth popular program is Icecream PDF Split & Merge. With this tool a document can be split into groups (ranges) of pages or single-page files. There are special modes that make it easier to get rid of certain documents. One of the pluses is the ability to enlarge files.

The program supports more than 50 languages worldwide. It is compatible with two operating systems – Windows and Mac. The demo version has disadvantages. Its capabilities are limited compared to the paid one.

The fifth most popular tool is PDF by Sejda. There are several options, but the number of extractable pages can not exceed 200 (they are allowed to view in advance). It works with all operating systems and browsers. After download, you can put each document into a separate file. A specific page or even/odd pages are selected for separation.

Another tool to consider is pdfforge.

How to Work with PDF Files

The first step is to download a PDF file. It can be on your computer desktop or in cloud storage. It is matched with Google Drive or Dropbox. When the document is uploaded, each of the pages is displayed as previews. There are programs where you have to click on the image of scissors to separate. Once it is done, you need to save the document. The latter can be edited. The work is done in six steps.

  1. Load the document for further processing.
  2. View the menu above the page.
  3. Select the tool you want to edit.
  4. Add a note or change the scale.
  5. Use the “Options” menu to change the font or color.
  6. Click “Save” to retrieve the finished document.

There are programs for quickly scanning books or pictures. They may contain tables. Unnecessary items are removed before sending or printing.

A Step-by-step Guide to Using the PDF Splitter

As an example, the program PDFelement, which is considered a universal document when working with files. Users like four features when working with text. These are the features:

  • create;
  • convert;
  • comment;

You can recognize texts on images. Work with the program is done in three steps.

  1. Open the file through an explorer window. There you select and load the document that is to be split.
  2. Select the method of splitting pages. To determine the number of bookmarks, specify the desired number.
  3. You will see a message stating that automatic separation is completed. It remains to select the files and drag them to the appropriate menu.

The final step is to save the newly created document. For this purpose, you can create a separate folder.


If you split PDF, working with the document is simplified. If you want, you can find a program that does not need to be downloaded or uploaded beforehand. The software should be verified to avoid infecting your computer or laptop with viruses. Safe document processing is one of the priorities of the choice.