What to Know About Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Choosing the correct legal counsel is a massive undertaking, especially when you or a loved one are suffering as a result of medical malpractice. There’s a lot to consider when looking for any type of lawyer, and choosing the right representation when looking for a medical malpractice lawyer is of the utmost importance. To get you started, here are a few things to consider when finding the help you need.


This is the first step and it’s extremely important not to rush this. Take your time, get suggestions, and do your own research. You can start with the local bar association to get a shortlist of lawyers in the area or you can compile your own list as you search around on the internet.

It’s a great idea to talk to trusted family and friends to see if they have anyone they’d suggest. That can be a great starting point but it wouldn’t be advisable to simply go with who was suggested to you. Whether you have suggestions or are starting at a Google search, cross reference everyone you find.

Make sure there are multiple reviews, preferably on multiple different websites, that all seem legitimate for the lawyers you are considering. Don’t choose a lawyer simply based on advertisements you’ve seen.

Learn About Their Expertise

As you narrow down your search and are talking to lawyers, learn what their professional experience is like. Medical cases are very complex and you need to ensure you have someone at your side with the proper experience and expertise for this type of law.

If medical malpractice isn’t the only type of law a lawyer practices, make sure to find out how many years they have practiced that in particular, and don’t just go by their total years as a lawyer.

Legal knowledge is obviously important but makes sure they have the proper medical knowledge as well. They are likely to be familiar with medical terms, diagnosis, and different surgeries, but make sure they are knowledgeable in information that will be relevant to your case in particular.

There May Be Others On The Case

This might sound scary but it’s quite common in larger law offices. Odds are, more than one lawyer will be looking into your case and it’d be perfectly normal to ask if this is the case once you are settled in with the lawyer that was right for you.

It can actually save you money in the end as it results in fewer billable hours without taking anything away in terms of their work’s quality. Do ask about this upfront if it is something you might have an issue with.

If it seems like your case will just get bounced around at the firm, it’s understandable if that’s something you’d want to avoid. Even if you are OK with it, make sure you have a set point of contact so you know who to reach out to week to week.