What You Need To Know About Vaping

Many people nowadays do drugs and are addicted to something. Intake of caffeine, nicotine and other substances like alcohol is common. Some of them are harmful and long-term use can be lethal. Vaping has gained popularity over recent years and even underage individuals are taking interest in it.

What is vaping?

Vaping is inhaling aerosol (smoke) that is created when a liquid is heated in an electronic device (or electronic cigarette). You inhale nicotine from it in a less harmful way but it is not harmless. Different people have different views and opinions about vaping. Some consider it not as bad as compared to other addictions but it is also harmful.

Vaping is usually considered similar to smoking but smoking has more addiction and smoking cigarettes tobacco and nicotine. Smoking is prohibited but it is observed that even minors are observed smoking. To quit smoking people start vaping.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes or simply E-Cigs are also called vape devices. These electronic cigarettes are charged like other electronic devices. E-Cigs have two types:

  • Pen devices: These are mouth to lung devices.
  • Tank devices: These are direct to lung devices.

Both of them have different structures and their methods of use also vary. Vapes, disposable vapes (like Puff Plus) and E-Cigs can be bought easily if you are above the legal age. You have to provide some information and follow procedures to buy one.

What is vaping liquid?

Vaping liquid is also called e-liquid that is filled in the tank of vape devices. It contains propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine, and many different flavors. The substances vary and some are less harmful than others. A high ratio of vegetable glycerin makes more vapors and flavors are usually water-soluble.

Is it harmful?

Vaping contains nicotine that is highly addictive as well as harmful. Other harmful substances are flavors like diacetyl, volatile compounds, and heavy metals that can affect your lung health. It is also possible that the consumer uses such vaping cigarettes that don’t contain many harmful chemicals. This will reduce the potential chances of lung disease or cancer.

Is vaping legal?

Different regions have different rules and regulations regarding vaping. Vaping is banned in some countries. While in some countries there are no restrictions if your age is above 18, you can do vaping at your home and even outside. Vaping devices are also sold publicly. But some countries allow vaping when the individual is above 21 years of age like in the United States. Well, we know that those who want to vape or any other drug will do it anyway regardless of their age through different resources.