Which Type of Cannabis Is Best for You?

Cannabis strains are not created equal, and different strains can produce different effects on the body and mind. For example, some strains may produce a sense of euphoria and energy, while others may induce relaxation and sleepiness. Understanding the various strains and their effects can help consumers make more informed decisions about their cannabis use. Here is a little more information to help you determine which cannabis strain is right for you.

What is a balanced cannabis strain?

A balanced cannabis strain is a hybrid strain that contains an equal (or nearly equal) percentage of Indica and Sativa genetics. This means that the strain’s effects are not overly sedative or stimulating, but instead provide a mix of relaxation and mild euphoria.

Balanced strains typically have a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content that falls within the moderate range, ranging from 10% to 18%, although some strains may have a higher THC content. Balanced strains generally also have a higher cannabidiol (CBD) content, which helps to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC and provides additional therapeutic benefits.

Examples of balanced cannabis strains include:

Blue Dream: Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 18% THC that is known for its uplifting and relaxing effects. It has a sweet, berry-like aroma and a flavor that is reminiscent of blueberries and vanilla.

Blue Zushi: This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces a very comfortable high that has Blue Zushi seeds flying out of seed banks. It has a sweet, and mild tropical aroma with a piney, earthy flavor.

Harlequin: Harlequin is a hybrid that is prominently Sativa. But its high CBD content and low THC content provide a mild, relaxing effect without inducing sedation or euphoria. It has a sweet, musky aroma and a woody flavor.

Balanced strains are frequently sought after by both medical and recreational cannabis users who want to reap the benefits of cannabis without having too many changes to their behavior or cognitive function. They can be used for a variety of things, such as pain relief, anxiety relief, stress relief, and mood enhancement.

In addition, balanced strains are often favored by those who are new to cannabis or have a low tolerance for THC, as they provide a more gentle and manageable experience. Some experienced cannabis consumers also like balanced strains for their versatility and ability to be used at any time of day.

What is an energetic cannabis strain?

An energetic cannabis strain is a strain that is known for providing an uplifting and stimulating effect. These strains are typically Sativa-dominants with a high THC content, which contributes to their psychoactive effects and can provide a boost of energy and productivity.

Energetic strains are often sought after by those who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without feeling sedated. They may be used for a variety of purposes, including stress relief, mood enhancement, and creative inspiration. Some people also use energetic strains to help with working out or to stay focused at work.

Examples of energetic cannabis strains include:

Sour Diesel: The legendary Sour Diesel is a strain that is known for its fast-acting energizing and uplifting effects. It has a pungent, diesel-like aroma and a high THC content that averages 22%, reaching up to 26% in some tests.

Durban Poison: Durban Poison is a South African Sativa landrace that is known for its stimulating and euphoric effects. It has a high THC content that averages 20%, a CBD content of almost zero, and a sweet, earthy aroma.

Super Lemon Haze: Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid strain that is known for its energetic and uplifting effects. It has a high THC content that averages 21% and a very palatable sweet and tart lemony aroma and flavor.

What is a sedative cannabis strain?

A sedative cannabis strain is a strain that is known for its ability to induce relaxation, calmness, and sleepiness. Sedative cannabis strains are typically Indica-dominant with high levels of myrcene, which has sedative and analgesic effects. Some of them are also high in CBD, which is known for its calming properties.

Sedative cannabis strains are often used for medicinal purposes to help people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other conditions that can be improved by reducing stress. These strains can help relieve chronic pain and muscle spasms. They are also used recreationally by people who want to unwind and relax after a long day.

Examples of sedative cannabis strains include:

Granddaddy Purple: This strain is known for its dreamy buzz that promotes physical relaxation., which makes it a popular choice for those who need to destress. Its flavor and aroma are sweet and fruity, with hints of grape and berry.

Girl Scout Cookies: A 60% Indica strain, Girl Scout Cookies is known for its high THC content and powerful full-body relaxation effects. Its aroma is deliciously dessert-like, and its flavor profile features sweet notes of cherry, lemon, and mint.

Northern Lights: This popular strain is known for its high THC content, but it is one of the purest Indica strains around. It produces a strong, numbing body high excellent for relieving chronic pain. It is sweet and earthy, with hints of pine and spice.

Before you go…

Everyone’s experience with cannabis is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. When trying a new strain, always start with a small amount and go slow. With some experimentation, you will find the strain that works just right for you.