Your Quick Delivery Guide: Shipping from USA to Italy with Meest

Many rely on international shipping to send personal items and business cargo between countries. Meest America stands out as one of the top players, offering speedy shipping from the USA to Italy, and all across Europe. Lately, they’ve been making big moves in the market. Ready to send a parcel with Meest? Check out the step-by-step guide below!

What Is the Procedure for Smooth Shipping from USA to Italy with Meest?

Meest is excited to introduce customers to the convenient Meest Portal service. This online platform allows you to create your account and easily manage your interactions with the company. It’s like having everything you need right at your fingertips!

So, once you’re registered on the Meest Portal, here’s how shipping to Italy from USA works:

  • Create a parcel and provide all its details. By specifying the package’s weight and dimensions, the system will suggest possible delivery options and calculate the shipping cost to Italy.
  • Choose the best delivery options based on price and timing.
  • Remember the declaration detailing what you’re sending and to whom.
  • Pay for your shipment and label your box for delivery.

After that, you can use the tracking number to monitor your package’s journey straight from your Meest Portal dashboard. It’s super handy, as it ensures you know where your package is at all times and gives you peace of mind that it won’t get lost on the way.

How to Measure a Parcel Correctly

No worries! Regarding shipping to Italy, remember that packages up to 30 kg (66 lb) are fair game. It’s simple math: the weight of your package determines the shipping cost. But what about those big boxes? Even if they’re light, they take up space during the journey.

To help you out, here’s an easy formula to calculate your box’s volume:

Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches) / 139.

If you want more information on sending packages from the USA, visit It’s easy!

Benefits of Meest Delivery

Let’s talk about the perks of using Meest to ship packages to Italy:

  • Trustworthy: You can trust Meest! They’ve been shipping stuff worldwide for ages, so you know your package is in good hands. They’ll get it there safely and right on schedule.
  • Global Service: Whether you’re sending from America to Europe or Asia, Meest has you covered. They offer different shipping methods like road, air, or sea.
  • Easy to Use: Meest’s website is super easy to navigate, and their Meest Portal makes tracking your package a cinch. You’ll always know where your shipment is.

So, if you want reliability, global reach, and simplicity, Meest got your back!